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  • Well I missed InDIYana for the first time in 7 years. Really bummed I didn't get to catch up with you guys this year and I hope you all had a great time. Looking forward to some pics and opinions.

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    • Originally posted by tomzarbo View Post
      I had a really good time today here at DIY Indiana. It was a relaxed schedule and we all got to hear a lot of really good speakers. The tracks were good and the 'extra' tracks were also real good and very interesting and dynamic, not boring. Got to meet some nice folks and talk speakers and other things with many people.

      I won't give away who ultimately won, but let's just say that there should be no problem getting some high-quality pics of the winning design.

      LOTS of good door prizes too. I left with a pre-veneered MDF flat pack that is pretty high quality.

      Thanks PE for supplying some cool door prizes. Everyone seemed to leave happy with some nice stuff in their PE transport boxes.

      I'm glad I came and thanks again Ben and Chuck for putting this together and working so hard to make things run smooth. Oh, the pizza for lunch was a nice treat, thanks to whoever supplied that, I forgot who, but thank you again.

      Thank you Tom. It was great seeing you again.

      Btw, lunch was provided by MusicForMatt (Matt Bunn)s mom and girlfiend. Matt passed away last year and she just wanted to say thanks to the DIY community.


      • That was a wonderful thing that Matt's mom and girl friend did.
        I would like to thank Ben and Chuck for orchestrating an enduring "kick-your-butt" event. Bill was busy as a bee getting every angle (hands clapping) and see so many familiar, and new, faces. Oh, I forgot the speakers. Yes, there were speakers........simply jaw dropping!
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        • Judd/Dan- you were both missed! There were a few others on the list I did not see show up, and I always wonder why. Dirk was another. Everyone but a total of 6 on the list were present and accounted for.

          If someone left a hoodie behind, PM me the name brand that was on it, and the color, and your address. Mark Sayer of Meniscus has it and will ship it to you.

          Thanks to all who attended, and I've heard everyone was pretty happy with the event as a whole this year. I believe we would have made Matt proud in his absence.

          Thank you to all of the sponsors. Without you, this event just would not happen. Much appreciated!

          Paul Carmody- you either remembered your laptop, or someone stole it, as it wasn't left behind this year! (No theft has occurred at InDIYana past or present to my knowledge.)

          You are all a great bunch to be associated with, and thank you for having fun these 2 days past.

          I'll officially announce the 'Nanotech 2017 Theme' winner herein:

          Bill (4thtry) and his 'Plumber's Delight' took top honors as far as the crowd's opinion stretches via a show of hands. The design was well done top to bottom, met criteria, and sounded great too! Iron-man paint job notwithstanding...

          Thanks to you all. If people didn't come, this wouldn't happen either!
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          • Congrats Bill! It is a cool looking speaker. Sorry I wasn't there to hear it. Maybe next year.
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            • Thanks Ben, Chuck, and everyone! It was great to catch up with everyone and admire their work. Also thanks to the generous sponsors!



              • It's 5am and I'm grabbing a flight home, definitely an awesome event! As a speaker builder you just can't learn more than going to an event like this, hearing so many different speakers playing the same music gives incredible insight at how your voicing compares to other builders.

                I'm heading home with a renewed sense of vigor and humility, energized to keep pushing myself to learn more and hone my skills =)

                Ben thanks for the hospitality, was so great to see many of you again and meet others for the first time, lots more screen names to faces, I'm looking forward to seeing many of you at MWAF.

                It continually blows my mind at how many interpretations there are of the excellent sounding speaker, the small "nano" concept pushed that further, how builders overcome problems with innovation continually fascinates me and keeps me engaged in speaker building.

                A shot of my Microfarads after being eliminated by Bill's eventual winning, incredible sounding build:

                Ami's very good sounding, very test lead laden build

                Paul Carmody showing off his speaker building assets

                Jeff Bagby's incredible new Morel build, one of the most detailed speakers I heard at the event

                Paul K's incredible "Brioso" speakers, also incredibly detailed

                Can't wait for the next one!
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                • Thanks, Javad, for complimenting my Briosos. I was able to play them much louder in that room than I need to at home and was very pleased with their performance, part of which is obviously due to Dan Neubecker's crossover design. I was very impressed with Dan's Premios and I liked the MTMs from Steph and Jeff. Bill's Nano winner not only sounded very good, it showed off his creativity skills big time. Chuck's 2-way with the Eclipse woofer played way above its pay grade and ought to be considered as a value leader in sound. Really big thanks to Wolf, Chuck and Shawn for their work and contributions, and special thanks to Matt's mother and girl friend for being there and treating us all to pizza.


                  • What a great event! I had a blast and it was a great time to see both familiar faces and many that I hadn't yet met. Lots of really good sounding speakers. The creativity in the nano category to stretch the limits of bass extension and output capability was impressive. I think my favorite pair I heard was Dan Neubecker's Premios. Tom Z walked in while they were playing and turned to me and asked if the subwoofer was on. When I told him no, his eyes bugged out. Those things seriously dig deeper than any bookshelf design I've ever heard. It was crazy, and they sounded great and clean while doing it. I really want to try the Esoteric woofers now.

                    A big thanks to all the sponsors who provided door prizes and to Ben, Chuck, and any others who were involved in getting the event set up. All the hard work is really appreciated.


                    • Thanks to the Tech Team for pulling this together again this year. I always enjoy hanging out with everyone for a couple of days. Some serious talent and commitment in that room! As soon as I can figure it out, I'll post the coin flip video from late Saturday.

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                      • very nice event this year. good job to all the "nano" builders. some really impressive sounds coming from a 3L box. some really creative solutions to size issues. some good sounding larger speakers as well. I was really impressed with the morel supreme tweeter in Jeff's design. Dan's use of the TL carbon tweeter is also really good. nice job to both. PaulK. nice speaker. I could just look at the boxes and be happy. thanks to Javad and Brian for the use of the room for some after hours listening. I am glad we had some listening time, and I hope you enjoyed the speaker. last but not least, thanks to Ben and Chuck and Matt's family. very nicely done.

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                        • Great to see everyone that attended. I'd like to add my thanks to all who were involved. The bar is set pretty high by you guys!


                          • Craig thanks for the goodies, the banana plugs will help me finish a pair of cables.
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                            • Originally posted by jhollander
                              Craig thanks for the goodies, the banana plugs will help me finish a pair of cables.
                              I am glad you could use some of the extra stuff I had.
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                              • Originally posted by craigk View Post
                                ... sextra stuff ....
                                Freudian Typo

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