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    Originally posted by manu et deo View Post
    rpb in my other thread you mentioned the 6.5 hds vs the sds at half the price. Is the hds that much better? Any insight is really appreciated.
    I like the thicker, stiffer basket of the HDS. That alone makes them worth more to me. I have not heard the $20 Peerless. I'd ask MattP more about it.

    The Dayton RS series also uses a nice basket. The drivers look nice, and most probably sound nice as well. If you are going to be pushing the speakers loud, then bigger is better. A 6.5" would be enough for me, but two 6.5" woofers would on occasion be just a little bit better. The basic woofer may have slightly higher distortion than the RS, or HDS. This might be important for music, but maybe less so for car crashes, gun blasts, monster trucks, etc.

    One of my demo movies is U571. I recently watched part of it without a sub. Speakers set to large. It still sounds fine, but it doesn't knock you out of the chair during the explosions. In the dark, I can't see how much excursion is. I need to watch again while closely watching the midbasses to make sure I'm not going to damage them. I'm not worried at all about the 10 in the center. The 6.5s are moving twice as much. Last time I watched, they were moving maybe .125" peak to peak. I need to make sure that another 3 dB of spl is not too much.


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      U571 is a great HT demo movie!

      I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol.