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    My Grandfather was a minister from the 30's up through the 70's. During that time he had a radio show. I have come across several albums which he recorded to be used by the radio stations. The problem is they are on 16" disks, which are too large to play on a standard turntable. They were called transcription records. Does anyone have any idea on where to find or how to build a turntable to play these albums. They are 33 rpm.

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      I saw a box of 16" records in the used record store where I by 78s a year ago, and started thinking of building a turntable to play them. I bought none though, and saw none yesterday when I was in that store.

      If you don't find a suitable TT, I might help you build one. I've done several TTs for 78rpm and others for 33 1/3rpm. You might look for a tonearm, making that could be more work than makes sense.


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        You might be able to still borrow one from a school or library. You might even want to check with local radio stations.
        If your goal is to get a recording off the record onto a digital format you might want to see if someone on the forum could do that for you.
        Good luck, glad to see you putting work into preserving these.


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          They likely play "inside-out" in reverse rotation too.