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Anarchy and rs28f m/t my first speaker design

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    I was looking at the speaker photo. It looks like you may be planning to use the speaker close to the wall. My room is small, and my speakers are positioned similar to your photo. Mine have very little BSC. Your sim adjusts very nicely by simply changing the coil on the woofer, and a resistor on the tweeter. I used your sim with a 1.2mH coil, and less tweeter padding. The response remained very flat without changing other components. In fact, I touched the bottom of the chart with a reverse null! A 1.5mH works well too. (I know that's not better, but it looks cool on the graph!)

    One other thing was tweaked. On the woofer notch, I reduced one ohm to about .2 ohms which I would ballpark the coils resistance.
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