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  • Classic II by Paul Carmody

    I took my old D3s apart and used the woofers to build a pair of Paul's Classic IIs. I like them very much. The two drivers are mated well and provide a nice overall presentation. I would like to thank Paul for sharing. I would be interested in hearing what others who have built them think about them.

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    Great all around speaker. I find that they like power...a lot! Mine seem most happy with PA power.


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      If your source material is imperfect, as it often is, these are perfect speakers for that. I have a very small living room where mine live, and 100 WPC from my AVR will run me out quickly


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        I built a pair for my workshop, they're marvellous, especially for the price. At first I was daunted by the crossovers, but my local shop helped me out and I soldered them up OK. Not pretty, but at least the sound comes out like it's supposed to.

        A full sound, really good and not exaggerated bass with slightly less midrange than our living room 'reference' speakers, which were much more expensive. The VIFA tweeter has a really nice sound, perhaps a bit more refined than the DC28F used in other designs; it's a really nice tweeter for the $. I'm also using it in a two way design with the Peerless 830656.

        As Mr Carmody says in his design notes, lesser quality recordings sound good with these speakers; more detailed and accurate (and more costly) speakers may highlight the deficiencies of the recording. Think early Beatles, Dylan's Basement Tapes, most Motown recordings from the 60s, etc.

        I thought they may be too laid back for jazz and classical, but not so: as many of our LPs and CDs are 50s/60s recordings, they sound good, too. We run the Classix through an old 80w p/channel Yamaha stereo receiver which seems to have plenty of power for these speakers.

        Another thing to mention is that I think the Classix are better on stands and would be better in smaller or medium sixed rooms than larger rooms.

        I have the parts for a Classix 2.5 (Paul's new TMM design, see his website) and just need the excuse to build them!

        Happy listening and thank you again Paul!

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          How did they compare to the D3s?


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            The D3s were my first big build. I made the entire cabinet 1 1/2" thick. They sounded fine but were so heavy I could barely move them. I listened to them quite a bit when I first built them but that was over 10 years ago. For my current listening set up the Classic IIs are easier to fit in. I like the Vifa tweeter a lot. I can't really say anything bad about the Silkie. I have it in a build with the HiVi F6 and like it very much. I guess I find it easy to say something good about all the speakers I have.


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              I'm very glad you guys like them! They fit like a comfy pair of sneakers, don't they?
              Isn't it about time we started answering rhetorical questions?

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                I love my classix.... modified for under the eves of my house. Perfect for my backyard, great low end, actually has some imaging, and close to unbreakable on my avr.

                Need to find a cheap 15" to make a BFM TUBA60 to pair with them 😏😏😏
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