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Question about replacement driver for Pioneer sp-bs22-lr

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  • Question about replacement driver for Pioneer sp-bs22-lr

    Is there a good replacement driver/woofer for this speaker? One of mine is blown and I was wondering if there was a good after market choice for it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Not really, without designing a new cross-over network. A couple of people just saved the enclosures and literally designed new (and better) speakers to go inside, at above the street price of the stock speakers. Last I heard was Pioneer still offered replacement woofers for both the bs21 and bs22 for about $25 (this was last year). Andrew Jones had the tremendous advantage of having purpose-designed drivers for these speakers, then using his knowledge to make some of the best sounding bookshelf speakers ever in this price range.


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      I would think it would be hard to find a better woofer, that would be fairly low priced, AND work in that cabinet and with that crossover.

      I know the tweeter can be improved, but the woofer, is pretty much ideal as is.


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        You SHOULD go for the Pioneer replacement.
        If none were available, you could TRY PE's Visaton W100S-8, in PAIRS (but they co$t more). No guarantees though. The voicing would probably change, and you might have to screw around w/tweeter padding.