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    I just joined, and want to thank whoever does the approving, thank you.

    I would like to know if the electronics in a pair of sound cancelling headphones could be tuned to cancel out specific frequencies, such as that of sirens. I realize that that something like that is not one frequency, but a range.

    I know not one thing about electronics, beyond doing wire chasing, swinging a meter, and associated in my career of A&P mechanic, and even tackle stuff you guys might wish to avoid, like messing around with cannon plugs, because I tend to work on the older aircraft which used a lot of cannon plugs(potting one is FUN, NOT!).

    Anyway, the reason for my question is that my wife's son moved in with us, along with his significant other and their child.

    The child is very sensitive to sounds like that of sirens, and every time a fire truck or other like that is nearby singing its lovely song, she freaks out.

    I am not aware if anything like this is available on the market, but even so, I'd like to try to mod out the afore said electronics, and would like to have the electronics, on both sides of her head, mounted in something like a pair of pretty sea shells, the story to give her is that she'd have pretty ear rings, just like mommy(she's around 5), and that each one would clip to the shell of the ear, like a blue tooth, but with a slightly different way to keep it on.

    If something like this is not available, I think that this little girl is not the only child who has this type of aural sensitivity, so that perhaps I'd be able to help out more than a few more relatively soon(if you guys don't tell me I'm as full of stuff(yeah, that's the word, one useful in mixed company) because something like this is not possible, but I have a sneaky suspicion that it actually is).

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      Try simple earplugs. While she may be most sensitive to sirens and so forth she might have very acute hearing overall, especially if she's autistic. My autistic daughter hears so well that she has the TV in her room so low that I can barely make it out at all. Your girl may appreciate a general reduction in ambient sound levels.


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        That's nice, and yes, I am aware of the points that site covers. I want to know if and how I could make something to help with regard to one of the points of that site. The child won't allow a pair of headphone be put on her head, so I take the take of giving her a "pair of pretty ear rings(actually clam shells that cover each ear, and don't have to be clipped to the entire head where they'd feel funny. But, every little girl wants to be pretty like mommy, hence the individual shells, which is where the electronics reside. The circuit board is not ever big, so why the need for the rest of a pair of head phones if there really isn't any need for them.

        That's all I've been asking.


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          Ear plugs have been tried, proving that a very muscular octopus is far easier to wrestle than a determined 4 year old who does not want such things(and when they are finally in, never last long enough to do a lick of good).

          No, I just wanted a simple question(with a complex answer) answered.

          I'm not asking you guys to do it for me, I want to do this myself, but don't even know if this is actually doable, let along something I could reasonably afford to do(the head phones are on their way, so the hard part is done, that is, getting a pair to check out first.


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            When I was in the University of SE Asia, South Vietnam Campus, I was a RADAR tech and wore the $25,000 (they said) custom made for me, Electro-Voice noise-cancelling "Mickey Mouse" helmet. Working all the time on operating PhantomII's wing-to wing, I'm 63 and still can hear. The technology is out there for what you want. They still use them for flight deck personnel on carriers. I just don't have a clue as to where to look for it. They use PA noise cancellation in the Intensive Care areas of hospitals so you can't even hear your cube-mate 6 feet away moaning himself to death. (Been there last year.) Roan Corp.makes this equipment.


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              You may want to check with a hearing aid outfit. Costco is supposed to be one of the best, per mom. They can do quite a bit of shaping with the digital hearing aids.
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                The noise cancelling phones cover the ear to provide isolation. I wonder if shells that only provide partial coverage would work.

                I also wonder if a home stereo system can be tuned to cancel siren noise in the room--no headphones needed!

                Place the ambient noise mic outside the house and reap the benefits of cancelling all the outside noise as well as sirens.
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