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Crossover mounting hardware advice

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  • Crossover mounting hardware advice

    I've got a couple small crossovers I need to mount. I have brass bolts and washers, but the hardware store didn't have brass lock nuts. I found some online if I need them. So, should I go ahead and use the steel ones or get the brass nuts? I've heard that steel next to the ferrite inductor could be bad.

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      Stainless steel is also non-magnetic.

      Good luck, Mark


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        I kind of don't think that the steel nuts will make much of a difference.

        Do you have a DATS? You could measure to see if it really changed things a lot. Having steel near an inductor is not actually bad as in "not good"... it's just that the extra steel nearby may cause a slight shift in the value of that component slightly higher in value. I doubt it would be much, though if any being a solid core inductor. I'd think you would be fine with what you've got.

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          Provided you don't pass through the inductor core, go ahead and use steel.


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            I use a wood screw or two through the closed.
            Don't over think it.

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              Thanks guys!
              Originally posted by kenny_k View Post
              I use a wood screw or two through the closed.
              Don't over think it.
              Yeah, that's what I usually do too. I like to use the PE black wood screws. I can't get a screwdriver in the tiny cabinet for these so bolts it is.


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                An actual experiment with an inductor and a couple of screws. Without anything near the coil opening, the inductor measured 4.17mH.

                With a brass screw, no change. Click image for larger version

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                With a steel screw, the inductance was increased to 4.22 mH

                Keep the inductor and screw some distance apart, and you'll be OK. A steel screw down the center of an air core inductor is the worst case.
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                  These worked out pretty good, terminal cups (PE part # 260-278) had card slots built in, I used 1/8" MDF for the boards. On larger builds, I typically try to leave room at the corners of the boards. I just use the black oxide driver mounting screws, and some small wood blocks for stand offs.
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                    Wow, that's a clever way to do the crossover. I'm using terminal cups too but more like the PE 260-294 ones. I finished gluing up the cabinet along with cutting some roundovers today. It'll be a tight fit in the crossover boards, but they'll work. I thought about just gluing everything in, but I wanted the option of removing/replacing components in the future.