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Why is it you guys are so great? No, seriously?

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  • Why is it you guys are so great? No, seriously?

    Since joining techtalk and looking at back-posts, I'm pretty amazed by how supportive and awesome everyone is.
    In my experiences of different forums:

    Instrument making:
    MIMF: supportive blokes, a bit quirky sometimes
    OLF: mostly enthusiastic, a few ******* "gurus"
    Delcamp: mostly supportive blokes
    Foraflamenco: lots of flamewars, lots of posturing. A few good makers
    Sawmillcreek: mostly great guys. A handful of closet ******** (mostly new guys like me that think we know everything)
    Dentaltown: Looooots of ********. Very informative most of the time, but be prepared to have your ego bruised often.
    Studentdoctornetwork: much worse. less data, more posturing from "experts" that have never practiced.
    Like a bunch of very opinionated squirrels. Very friendly and passionate, but tend to go for flavor of the month.

    Then, there's you guys...

    I've been blown away by how technically sound you guys are, while still having humor, and good cheer.
    While many builds are sorta ugly, there's a few builds that truly humble me with their talents.
    Anyways, here's to you guys!

    But seriously, what is it about speaker building that attracts this crowd?


    ps. FWIW, the "Wolf" of the guitar building world is a guy called Al Carruth.
    If you're needing a great guitar, he's the one to go to.

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    Speaking personally, what drew me in was buying parts for a found pair of speakers. All I knew about them was that they were Jensen, they were big (15" woofer three-ways, real monkey coffins), and that after I put in replacement mids and tweets they sounded like garbage. I wanted to find out how to make them sound better, and that led me here. No need to rehash the basic lessons that I learned, but I learned them, and I asked questions, more questions, and still more questions. Way back in the beginning, Wolf and Johnny Richards saw something in me that I didn't really know I was capable of, and mentored me in some basic knowledge, and some of the subtleties that gave me the ability to make some fairly decent speakers. And of course JeffB's spreadsheets made it possible for a dunce like me to get around having to do the real down and dirty calculations, and still come up with worthwhile projects. There are far too many who helped me along the way to mention, but those are the ones who really got the ball rolling for me.

    Oh, and I always have to tip my cap to a man who bowed out of the scene shortly after I really got going, named GaryS. He showed my how to use a table saw, then gave me his old one when he upgraded. I never would have gotten anywhere if he hadn't been around and offered his help.

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      We are really just a bunch of self centered people that want to make others hear what we hear lol.


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        This forum is moderated. Inappropriate posts and replies are terminated. Unruly members are given warnings.


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          MOST of the time. ;-)


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            Worst forum I've been on was a photography forum. Even some of the moderators were nasty.


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              For me, it's all about the music we enjoy, and 90% of the populus enjoy it. The reasons I help the newer builders, is that I don't want them to get discouraged by their first effort sounding bad. I try and make sure they are getting a good result, learning the process themselves, and getting accurate information. There are so many people with an audio hobby that spew misinformation or snake oil, and a lot of this can derail an initial interest.

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                This forum is, for the most part, as the OP described. I just searched on a certain driver, and found a multi-page pi$$ing match going on between two otherwise really good contributors, and there are a (thankfully) few other examples.
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                  I think it is a number of things. I think we are fortunate to have a lot of genuinely nice people here first off, talented, intelligent, and level headed as well.

                  Second, a lot of the guys here attend events together (hopefully some day I'll be allowed out of the house ) and have formed friendships beyond the internet.

                  Lastly as mentioned earlier, there really isn't much tolerance from the host or members for bs, trolling, or snake oil theories.

                  I have been on various car forums before and dabbled on a couple other audio forums, but this is home for me. I'm genuinely excited every day to drop by and see what everyone is up to. So, BTW, thanks everybody for helping drag me along!


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                    I think the DIY events are one of the reasons this forum is as good as it is. My first DIY was the first Irondriver event in NY, I had only been on the forum a couple months
                    ​when I attended (I did not enter, just listened). Well I met some very cool people all with the same passion and willingness to welcome and help a newb. It took me awhile
                    ​to learn proper forum etiquette and the right way to ask for help/advice which is to listen to people who know way more than you think you know. It would take a couple
                    ​pages to thank everyone who have helped me so thanks you know who you are. Special thanks to Roman C. and Mike Mz. for getting the NY/NJ DIY event started that
                    ​Roman graciously hosts in his shop at the Brooklyn Navy Yard (I consider this homebase). I hope to attend one of the Midwest events someday (I wanna be like Kenny).
                    And of course PETT for this forum and their support at the DIY events. Thanks for listening Squid/Mike


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                      I wanted to respond yesterday, but had to troubleshoot a failing firewall for my office.

                      One of these days, it'd be great to check out one of these DIY events.
                      Btw, I don't think that the moderation really is the reason why you guys are great.
                      The forums that I mentioned are all moderated to my knowledge.

                      Btw, sorry if I inflamed some sensibilities.
                      Sometimes in California, I forget that some words are considered bad elsewhere.


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                        Totally agree with OP. I have received so much help from some very nice and incredibly knowledgeable people. Even in my early stages when asking questions and not getting the answers I was looking for, just to realize I was asking the wrong question.
                        I'm still not at the point where I would be able to give good answers to many of the questions that are posted on here, but at least I'm to a point where I understand the fundamentals.

                        One of these days I hope to be able to attend one of the DIY events to get to meet some of great folks on this forum.

                        Thank you all!!


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                          Originally posted by mlau View Post

                          Btw, sorry if I inflamed some sensibilities.
                          ??? I really don't see anything that seems like you did.


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                            We all battle now and again, there are personal opnions, chest-beating and even the occasional ad-hominem venom..

                            But at the end of the day there is a respect this forum carries for n00b and vet alike, all in the persuit of good sound. There is A LOT to know and there is no linear way it all mixes. It makes for a tasty stew, which happens to be respected here, while firmly grounded in data and involved sciences.

                            Its kind of like a glue, and really, despite my own crazy history here, I would sit down with ANYONE here for a beer and ribs and talk with my mouth full for hours about speakerbuiding if it means the chance of enhancing anothers, or my own, musical enjoyment. I cannot tell you how many times fresh perspectives have helped awaken new ideas while the vets and technical experts use their mental muscle to hold everyone here up.

                            P.S. I have a long way to go and am learning every day. I just look at my join date and cannot believe I have been elbow deep in this forum for 10 years!!!


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                              Originally posted by mzisserson View Post
                              .. and ribs...
                              Did somebody say ribs?

                              Click image for larger version

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                              Mmmmm ribs

                              I saw Mark mentioned my name - thank you, my friend. I am as much student as teacher.
                              Don't listen to me - I have not sold any $150,000 speakers.