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HELP !! Dayton Audio RS28A-4RD 1-1/8" Aluminum Replacement Diaphragm OR pair of RS28a

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  • HELP !! Dayton Audio RS28A-4RD 1-1/8" Aluminum Replacement Diaphragm OR pair of RS28a

    I have to admit, this is my first tweeter i have ever blown up, and the worst part ONE that they don't make any more for my big project. I am wondering if any one has a pair for sale used or brand new. OR a pair of diaphrams. I am in Canada and will pay full shipping charges.

    Someone please help me out

    How this happened ? I have my crossovers in point to point form on my floor and the part for the tweeter came apart causing the crossover to shot and push full frequency through the tweeter :(

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    PE shows RS28F diaphragm available.


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        Put this in the classifieds. I'm sure somebody has some.


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          Originally posted by howard View Post
          PE shows RS28F diaphragm available.

          I have the RS28a's Aluminum diaphragm. I emailed a fw people on here hoping to get a few reply's


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            If you can't get anything by the end of the week, hit me up. I have a pair, but won't have time to ship them till next weekend or the following Monday.
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              I have bought 2 pairs of the RS28A's and 1 pair of the RS28F's from this guy on eBay (in 2 transactions). I offered him $29.99 each, which he accepted. This price included shipping. He was very responsive to my emails and shipped very quickly. Good guy to deal with. The units were in perfect condition. You can swap faceplates with your own units.

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