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    Hi everybody,
    This is my first post here.
    A few months ago i've built my first diy speakers - Johnny Richards' Emoticons project - which i found quite enjoyable.
    Now i'd like to step it up a little and im thinking about reusing the Vifa BC25 tweeters for a new project - Classix II seems like a good candidate.
    However, i'd also want to make use of the Peerless 832444 and i'm thinking about implementing them for the upper midrange role, around 800hz-3500hz.
    Unfortunately, i don't know much about x-overs, so i'm wondering if anybody is willing to help with a crossover that could serve as base for further experimenting...

    Thank you

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    Someone would need F/Z files (for that NLA Peerless) in order to help you. I'd suggest just building the Classix II and see how you like 'em.
    Also, most 3-ways (due to their higher co$t, size, and complexity) use a woofer larger than 6-1/2"; also . . . a great beginner's book is "SpeakerBuilding 201".


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      Duv, the ClassixII sound far better than "the numbers" on them would lead you to believe. If I could own only one set of speakers and no sub, I think they'd be my choice. They absolutely are my choice for mains in my home theater in my tiny living room as they can make not-so-well mastered sources sound decent and not be fatiguing. Today, with good sub-woofers, three-ways are becoming builds for real speaker building experts, I believe. The oooold ATCO pressings of The Stones sound good on them, which IMHO sound better than the "remastered" CD's, but I prefer analog recordings to stay analog. Anyway, the Classix II's maybe the best sounding speaker for under $250 each. I'm slowly completing about the 7th or 8th pair of them, but in BR-1 enclosures. I've had a small stroke and am "rehabing" my right side with building them.


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        +1 for the Classix II, they're really, really good. If you want more SPL, you could consider Paul's Classix 2.5, which use the same drivers but in a TMM format. I plan to build a set when I have an excuse; according to Paul's website, they have a better midrange than the Classix II due to the crossover topology, but keep the same basic sound and bass output.



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          Originally posted by duv
          Oh well, seems that i better stick to proven projects.

          depends , are you gonna continue building speakers , invest some measuring equipment and learn to do crossover design ? if so this might be a good jumping in spot ! i built a small 3way using DC160 , DS90 and BC25 just for this purpose and had a lot of fun learning as i did ....
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