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My comparison of HDS tweeter VS dayton RS28f

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  • My comparison of HDS tweeter VS dayton RS28f

    first time poster, long time messing with speakers. I have used this forum and gained lots of knowledge and its time i give back . so today i will be reviewing my tweeter experiences.
    I am running these in a car of an active system so take note. my head unit has the ability to change slops and crossovers and gain instantly. both these tweeters I used with the peerless exclusive 7.
    my personal taster of sound is clarity with good triangles good vocals good imaging and non fatiguing. I hate dull, muddy,dry or shut in sound.
    other tweeters i've owned
    dayton amt2-4
    lpg 26na
    morel tempo
    pioneer tsd

    The very popular hds tweeter aka scan speak 9130 , when i first used this tweeter i loved it. imaging was great, so much detail , spacious 3d sound. but as time went on all the faults of it came out. i found myself giving up listening to most of the songs i like because not perfect recordings were too harsh and sounded terrible. this tweeter is very analytic and unforgiving. it is also way too forward. vocals overpower everything to where there is not intimacy to the music. it also sounds very thin . certain frequency jump out and are just harsh.also instrument were just not balanced . the way this tweeter reproduces music isn't enjoyable. I also do not have sensitive ears at all. this was even when i crossed at 3200hz , 2500 made the mid range sound absolutely terrible. This tweeter does have the best imagining i have ever heard but it can't be enjoyed.

    I also tried the hivi rt1.3. this tweeter sounds very much like the hds tweeter but less harsh but even more dry and maybe even more forward. i don't understand how anyone can like their music to sound this way. smooth though.

    now, The rs28f. I bought a pair of these for $60 off of ebay. crossed at 2500hz 24/db The second i started playing music i was blown away. excellent clarity and detail. nothing overpowered each other. buttery smooth. areas were the hds would of ear assaulted me and made me wince were now displayed in a way that was so nice to my ears it actually soothes my mind. everything is perfect. triangles are clear as day , cymbals are extremely fast and clear but balanced perfectly. vocals sound thick and have great presence.vocals have a nice warmth to them. so much detail yet still amazingly musical. the hds punishes you with its detail and the rs8f just pumps it out for you to enjoy .Imaging is not on the hds level but still good, but what this tweeter gives up to the hds is made up for times a 1000 for its non fatiguing sound. this tweeter makes music so enjoyable to listen too .All the songs i stopped listening too because they sounded horrible and harsh on the hds are now extremely nice to listen too. my sound stage has gone from thin light and harsh , to being full and just beautiful. . it's hard to describe but i would use words like creamy, liquid. tried it at 1.2k ,1.5, and 2.0 , while it could handle it i personally didn't like the sound. at 2.5khz i blast my music and these things stay clear and non fatiguing.

    Got me thinking, we make speakers to enjoy listening to music the best way possible , so in my eyes these are the best speakers i have ever heard.
    even though something like a scan speak 6600 or 7100 or beryllium would have more detail but would it be better if they had any harshness at all. i don't think i will ever change them.
    Anyways even though i just bashed them if anyone wants to buy these items let me know
    peerless hds tweeter PAIR $100 shipped
    1 hivi rt1.3 $15
    1 xt 19 vifia $10
    dayton amt-4 $30
    $140 for all

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    Thanks for the post!

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