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DIY subwoofer .... wireless?

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  • DIY subwoofer .... wireless?

    I'm thinking of a project for a wireless subwoofer for my relatively small living room ... just enough to add some low-end to our movie watching. I'm not looking for sustained 110dB @ 18Hz or anything. A simple 8" or 10" traditional sub with plate amp would be my default position, but I want to do something a little more interesting in this case.

    Design parameters:

    - wireless/bluetooth. Want to keep the electronics inside the cabinet as much as possible. I don't want a bunch of outboard electronics devices following this thing around.
    - Thinking of making the cabinet a regular dodecahedron. Just for the thrill of it. (No idea how I would clamp such a thing during glue up, or what bracing would look like!)
    - Given that any reasonable-sized dodecahedron of a given volume will have smaller mounting faces than a rectangular prizm of similar volume, probably thinking 2-3 drivers in the 6.5 to 8" range. I know TB and dayton make some capable drivers in those sizes.
    - Venting such a cab might be troublesome, so I'd either go PR or sealed. Haven't done any modelling yet to determine which. That decision will drive volume which in turn will drive face dimensions, which will constrain driver selection....

    My main challenge will likely be the wireless part. I see the Dayton SPA250DSP (or any other standard plate amp), but it lacks bluetooth. Would it be possible to hook a BT module like this one (after I figure out to supply it with 12V power, of course..) to the board and bypass the external inputs? Ultimately I could go with some kind of external bluetooth pairing device but that's not elegant.

    The Dayton PMA8000DSP has high power, DSP, and bluetooth ... but I don't think I can acommodate it's 15" long dimension unless my cabinet was substantially monstrous, our mount it externally, which I wish to avoid if possible. I also don't need to pay for 800W.

    I also see the Yuan-Jing Quad TDA7293 single-channel amp board, but now I'm getting more complicated. I'd need a power supply and a BT module, and probably a simple crossover for some HP/LP and contour shaping. Is that really the best solution available at this time? I do see 2-channel amp boards with BT but they don't appear bridgeable and most top out at 100W altogether.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

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    Why do you need bluetooth. Plenty of wireless subwoofer modules around. Will hang off a bit but not too bad


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      The Dayton PMA8000DSp is not a subwoofer amp. It is a 2-way amp for a PA systems with a XO freq. @ 2500 Hz. There won't be any LP for the sub even with the built-in Eq (e.g., DSP).

      Yaun-Jing will require two, separate and isolated DC power supplies. Not cheap, only a bad review. And you'll still need a BT module on a separate supply.

      I would go with the Sure BT module and a 12 V PS to power it along with a regular plate amp. You'll have two separate plugs. I'd look for a PS with only a two prong adapter (e.g., no ground). And I test it as soon as you get it to make sure it doesn't suffer from switch-mode PS noise (other members are currently having such issues with different modules, a somewhat common issue).


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        Originally posted by fnatik

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        Lol. Thanks for your help, Mr. Bot!


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          Originally posted by zobsky View Post
          Why do you need bluetooth. Plenty of wireless subwoofer modules around.
          I've read that wifi is supposed to be better than Bluetooth in several ways, but you should research to confirm.


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            But y u are opting bluetooth,when in today's time several better alternatives of bluetooth are available in the form of wifi.As above couple of people also said going for wifi instead of bluetooth will be better and i too agree with them.U will get much better efficiency by using wifi as compared to bluetooth mykfcexperience
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