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Bad connections pre-poweramp?

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  • Millstonemike
    For one, If the socket's deterioration creates some capacitance from signal + to ground, it will create a passive 1st order LP filter in conjunction with the input impedance. If there is additional resistance in the connection, that will further decrease the LP filter's Fc.

    A numerical example: 1 nF capacitance to gnd with 20K ohm input impedance will create a LP Fc = ~8K Hz (though I think 1 nF is not very realistic).

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  • lasse
    started a topic Bad connections pre-poweramp?

    Bad connections pre-poweramp?


    Some of you might have noticed my struggle to bring my old Citation 12 back to life….

    Well, life has come back but I noticed that an old problem with a connector from the preamp was still there. Intermittent connection and thus, sometimes a channel missing.

    As can be seen in the attached picture, I replaced the old ones and I immediately noticed an improvement in overall sound quality. Apparently, the connection has been semi-good for a long time, perhaps decades.

    Now to my question/issue:
    Is there any real work done on how bad connections pre/amp and/or amp/speaker affect the sound quality of a system? I can imagine that the added resistance in the surface must affect the behavior of the connected units.

    Probably, I should replace some connectors on the Citation 11 as well…

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