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    I won from the nice folks at Parts Express in a give-away, a Celestion FTX0820 Coax pro driver, just ONE. I really can't find a project for it that would be of use to me,although it appears to be a fine unit. I'm not certain if this qualifies as a "Classified" really, but if you are interested, let me know.-Ricky-Pooh

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    What are you looking to trade?
    Guess xmax's age.

    My guess: 15. His grammar is passable. His trolling is good.


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      Consider using the pro-audio coax in a monaural setup in the workshop or garage, maybe in folded tapered quarter wave transmission line with driver located in the room corner against ceiling, and with the transmission line extending downward toward floor with rodent/bug resistant mesh over the opening. Use the workshop walls for enclosure walls.
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