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SevenSixTwo - InDIYana 2018 Coax Design

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  • marvin
    Originally posted by KEtheredge87 View Post
    Nice gravity clamps! Subscribed.

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  • KEtheredge87
    Quick update for the evening... things still look more like a pile of MDF than a speaker cabinet, but we're getting there. I spent the last few days putting my glue-ups together for my 1.25" thick front baffles, and my 1.5" thick rear wall for the Coax / MT section of the cabinet. There was no requirement that my MT section rear wall had to be 1.5" thick, but it just worked out that way while I was fine tuning internal volumes to match what BassBox told me was best.

    Anyways... I was only half smart when making these glue-ups. For the front baffles, I made the 1/2" layer of MDF oversize on all sides so I could glue it to the 3/4" layer without worrying about exact alignment. That made it easy to trim away the extra on the router table to make a final size panel. On the MT rear wall glue up, I made both layers the same size, and oversize on all sides, which meant I had spend more effort lining them up nicely during glue-up, and ultimately go back to the table saw for final dimensioning. Next time... I'll do it right and only oversize ONE layer.

    The rest of tonight's work was getting all the rabbets cut for the top, bottom, front, and back panels. I had considered mitering these corners, but having a 1.25" front baffle would have required a slightly offset 45 degree miter for just that joint, which wouldn't have worked well with the whole "tape the corners and fold it together" method. Adding these rabbets gives me more surface area for my glue lines, and lets me do easy 1/8" overhangs to get a perfect flush trim with the router later on.

    This weekend I will shamelessly be following the template router methods that JavadS was kind enough to document in his Pretty Persuasions project. I'll make a flush cut template for the Celestion FTX0617 and keep gluing up my test cabinet.

    Thanks for following along!

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  • Wolf

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  • KEtheredge87
    started a topic SevenSixTwo - InDIYana 2018 Coax Design

    SevenSixTwo - InDIYana 2018 Coax Design

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