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Making my own Mk402's

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  • Making my own Mk402's

    OK, the drivers alone for the "402's" cost $39, which leaves $30 for the enclosure and XO components. After looking closely at the TCP-155-4 and the TDF-20-4, they both would like to be XO'ed at 3 Khz rather than the claimed 2500 Hz. I don't have Excel, so PCD is out. I want a second order low and high pass filters summing close to an LR4 slope. WinISP shows a 2.5L-ish enclosure as pretty darn good, and I'll just basically copy PE's baffle lay-out. I know I must have an impedance compensation circuit on the TCP-115-4. I just confused myself silly with PCD-Lite. I just can't get my addled brain around it. Can I greatly impose on the community to design the cross-over circuit for me? I can do ARTA measurements OK. Thanks in advance, Ricky-Pooh 

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    Sorry I meant the TD-20F-4 tweeter...I think you may had guessed.


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      WinPCD (free) doesn't need MS-excel and is based on PCD. But without Excel you won't get the output from Response Modeler to use in PCD for the woofer's enclosure effect, baffle step and baffle diffraction. WinISD (free) will get you a picture of the woofer's behavior in the enclosure down low. Edge (free) will give you a picture of baffle step and diffraction. But neither will produce an output that can be used in WinPCD (that I know of).


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