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I think I may get spoiled (OT somewhat)

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  • I think I may get spoiled (OT somewhat)

    Not to bury the lede, I'm getting married in our back yard this Saturday. I was planning on taking my OSTMMs down to provide music for the party. A friend of mine insisted on loaning me some equipment. I got more than I bargained for! This is, no joke, maybe 1/20th of what he has squirreled away. We took these from his storage unit. I hope I still have the hearing left to appreciate these gems and that I don't get spoiled.
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    Congratulations on the wedding. Take my advice, don't drink TOO much, and enjoy yourself


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      Watch out for people setting their beer on the amplifier.


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        Jake, my "drinking days" are 20 years behind me. I still love to sip on them but 2 beers and I get sleepy.Thank you for the sage advice though.

        djg, I think I will put the amp in a sealed (ventilated) box. Maybe I'll cover the top of the amp and speakers with spikes. I'm sad to say it, but most of the music will probably be streamed through a BT receiver. The system is definitely overkill for the source. I will get to play with it for a while afterwards though with better sources. My friend has a habit of leaving equipment in situ for a while since it will only go back into the storage unit.