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Siegfried Linkwitz died today

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  • Siegfried Linkwitz died today

    Apparently cancer took his life today, September 11, 2018.

    Another giant gone.
    Bill Schneider

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    One of the industries 'building blocks'. He was a giant.


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      RIP Mr Linkwitz


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        I am deeply saddened by this news.

        My sincerest condolences to his family, and to his many friends.
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          He was a special guest at the very first DIY event I attended at Mark Krawiec's home in Sacramento, CA in 2003.


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            My deepest and sincerest condolences. He will be missed. A true innovator and generous man.

            R.I.P SL.

            John k...
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              Yes, very generous of his time. Thank you SL, RIP.
              John H

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                Very sad news. He gave us all a generous gift and his legacy will live on in so many of our speaker designs.
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                  Oh that is sad indeed. I always enjoyed reading his articles. He seemed like such a happy and giving man. A huge audio and speaker building pioneer. Definitely a 'one in a million' kind of guy.


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                    Sad news indeed, but some news of his condition had been written at several weeks ago, and on SL's web site. Prostate cancer. I spoke with him several times at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. A true and complete gentleman, world class speaker creator, and extremely generous of his time and work. RIP. Stereophile had a video interview with SL from his bedside a few weeks ago on their web page. Positive and sharing until the end.


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                      In my short time knowing of him, what I've read shows amazing intellect and eagerness to share.

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                        And another audio-giant passes. He will be greatly missed. I recall conversing briefly with him back on the old BBS Mad-board, he was posting as "SL", and how he and others were trying to correct the error in vasyachkin's thinking. A very generous person he was.

                        RIP, SL!
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                          Truly a great human being in all aspects. His site is one of the best technical reference sites around as he shared everything. Just watched this interview yesterday that was given from his bed. I love the part where he dismisses the ultra high-end niche of the audio market.

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                            Very sad to hear this. S.L. set the example for how a DIY hobbyist should conduct themself - extremely generous with his time, open to discussion. He published so much and offered so much wisdom to us, on his own website, not hidden in old forum posts. A true friend to all of us, and an example of how we can keep this hobby, and the music, alive.

                            When I have a few designs under my belt I'll publish them in a website like SL with a few articles perhaps aimed at beginners. I was once a know-nothing, and people like Siegfried helped turn me into a know-very-little.


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                              I called Charlie Laub a while back, inquiring of Siegfried, but Charlie couldn't tell me much about his condition. Anyway, I met and talked with Mr. Linkwitz several times, at our NorCal DIYs, I'd call him 'Siggy' which he hated. LOL Goodbye Mr. Linkwitz, we miss you.