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Little problem with amiga build

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  • Little problem with amiga build

    Okay so I ordered this amiga kit from PE and on Carmody's page, he says that the 4.7 ohm resistor should be swapped with a 2.4 ohm with the current DX25TG59-04 tweeter. The kit supplied by PE came with the DX25TG59-04 tweeter but with the old 4.7 ohm resistor instead of the 2.4.

    I emailed PE but in the meantime, Carmody mentions that I can put another 4.7 ohms resistor across the tweeter leads to get a parellel resistors pair of 2.35 ohms. Can I use any resistor or does it need to be a special "audio grade" resistor like the ones supplied with the kit ? I don't have access to those locally. It's a bummer and I hope PE will update their kit because that revision is not new at all, it's been on carmody's page for a very long time.

    Thanks for your help and so far, I've done both baffles and the backs are veneered as well. First time veneering and first time doing round cut outs with my router, I'm pleased with the results !