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    My kitchen will be rocking a little harder soon 🙂 To make it even better, I found a $10 coupon code. Thanks for sharing Tom!


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      Originally posted by Jeff F. View Post
      I've got a Lepai 2020A+ powering a pair of Overnight Sensations TM's in my kitchen and I've been thinking of upgrading to a better amp. I was looking at the Dayton APA150 a while ago but didn't buy one. With this price, I may have to buy this Franklin version. Do you guys think it would be a worth while improvement?
      Only in terms of power. Not sound quality. The APA150 should be used exactly as specified by the thread title - as a utility for building and testing speakers. I've had the APA150. More than once in fact. Sold one set, then bought another a few years in this hobby thinking maybe I missed something. I compared it to another, MUCH better but discontinued Class AB, the Amp Three. I also compared it with a ClassDAudio IR2092 amp IIRC. The APA150 just isn't very good for full range listening IMO. BUT it is okay for subs and as a no-fuss backup amp for testing and what have you.


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        I have an even smaller smsl desktop amp which does a good 30 watts or more. Great for testing, but I'm thinking of replacing the pot with something with steps for repeatable settings.