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Great Measurement Amp on Fantastic Sale...

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  • donradick
    Thanks Tom
    I was trying to restrain myself, but really, I've smoked several Class D amps during crossover prototyping and the old vintage Class A/B amps that i have are way big. This fe!low hits good specs and nice size.

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  • Kered
    Yeah, i'm sitting in the choir with 2 right now. I bought them back when they were 93 dollars I think. The price went up to 100 plus, glad to see they reduced the price again. One of them was working great with my TV while testing. I did have problems with ground loop noise that was not present with my Yamaha receiver, but I figured it out.

    It has taken restraint not to fill my closet with them, they are so versatile.

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  • tomzarbo
    started a topic Great Measurement Amp on Fantastic Sale...

    Great Measurement Amp on Fantastic Sale...

    Maybe preaching to the choir a little bit, but the 'Franklin' version of the Dayton APA150 amp is on a blowout sale for $99.

    Click image for larger version

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    This is a really good amp for doing measurements on speakers in my experience, and for a few reasons...

    * It has enough power to do measurements and really test the output on most speakers as you get farther along during crossover prototyping,

    * It is pretty durable, with short circuit protection, I can vouch for that myself. After a short on mine while prototyping a crossover, it clicked and went on fan-protect mode with a red light on the front. After finding the short and removing, an off/on cycle set things back to normal,

    * It is also a subwoofer amp with switchable low-pass crossover, so it's good for messing with subwoofers for experimenting. I've used that feature on a normal speaker to find an air leak on a woofer, (so the rest of the mid/upper frequencies wouldn't mask where the noise was coming from,)

    * Along with the sub amp feature, it will auto-on if you want,

    * It is small enough to fit in smaller spaces... though it is heavy.

    * It can be bridged for 150'ish watts into 8 ohms... though I've used it bridged here and there with a 4 ohm sub without the fan even coming on.

    * It's old school transistor driven, and non-switching power supplied for less possible issues with noise.

    Not to sound like a cheerleader or anything, but if you've been waiting to pick up a good measurement amp, I really like this one for that purpose... and $99 it just a fantastic deal. It feels like one of those old-school beefy and heavy amps that seems like it will last for 20-30 years.

    If I didn't already have two...