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  • Turntable speed help

    I have a near mint Sansui turntable FR-3060 When I tried to use it the belt was lose So I got a new belt. With the old and with the NEW belt the speed is way to fast. For the 33.5 speed it’s at 44 plus and at 45 it’s at 52plus speed. I’m using the iPhone app RPM and everything I have found about this app is that it’s pretty close to being spot on The table even has spare capstan and I installed it, the old one had some old belt rubber on it. And after replacing the capstan the speed is even faster. I can’t find any info online other the people saying they had or have the same problem and the would rap Black electrical tape around the platter belt ring and some had somewhat good luck at getting the speed down to 33.5 I don’t really care to do this band-Aid fix I like to find out if there is some type of resister or capacitor or something on the motor speed control board that I could replace to get the speed back under control to its proper speed’s.

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    I suspect a combination of two problems. It might be a motor intended for use in Japan rather than in North America. Running 60_Hz North American electric power through that 4-pole AC synchronous motor will make it run 20% faster if it was designed for use on Japan's 50_Hz electric power. And an excessively thick drive belt can spin the platter a little faster. A wild guestimate of 5% speed increase from added thickness for purposes of illustration produces the following in combining the two problems:

    (60/50)*33.333*1.05= 42 rpm
    (60/50)*45*1.05= 56.7 rpm
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      Does it SOUND fast? Did you use your APP thingy when the stylus was in the groove?

      Just curious, Mark


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        Look at the labels for something indicating "50-Hz."


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          I looked for information on a site called vinylengine. It showed removing the outer platter so that you can see the top of the motor and drive belt, and in the illustration there was a label showing 50 Hz. It suggests that if your AC is at a different frequency a service center is needed to adjust. I'm not sure if they change the capstan or the motor.