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    I don't have a mic yet. I was gonna order one from Cross Spectrum as it's calibrated. Just waiting on gift money.

    As for my crossover it's only a 24db slope with response control... Ashly XR2000. Nice for what it does but a Swiss Army knife it is not.


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      Am still considering this project but haven't really committed to any drivers.

      The Neo 3 I will defer to another project down the road. I don't think it's a tweeter I want to learn on.

      The 8" Nomex HDS woofer is one I've been interested in for a while now so feel safe to say I am going to order a quad of them to play with. Whether they are used in this design or not, I dunno.

      So I guess I'm kind of starting over from scratch.

      The criteria now is:

      - a speaker that is less than 12" wide
      - drivers which will have low distortion and flexibility at XO point
      - passive XO - at least on MT if not all 3.
      - would like to get bass into the 30's if possible.

      Even a project like Pete Schumacher's towers here looked appealing given someone's recommendation of the 830874 PBB driver. Though his design uses different drivers, it made me wonder:

      While im not set on using Peerless drivers without compromising, they are on sale here and some can be had for pretty good prices and feel this is an opportunity to build something that will be good quality and be worth keeping long. ​​​​​​