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3 Way Design - First Timer

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  • Dave Bullet
    What size room are you putting these in?
    What amplification do you have available?
    What F3 are you targeting? will you have a sub-woofer or not require low bass extension for the music you like?
    What max size enclosure is possible? (litres or ft3?)

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  • mortron
    started a topic 3 Way Design - First Timer

    3 Way Design - First Timer

    I've long been tempted to use my BG Neo 3's on a build and have decided to finally pull the trigger: I will choose some mids and bass drivers to play with as well and cook up a fun 3 way speaker. My plan is to design a passive XO for the MT section (or MTM/TMM), and active XO for splitting that with the bass. My budget allows a bit of spending but not a ton. There is some stuff on sale that makes things tempting. Not too sure of XO points I am going to use as the drivers may dictate that.

    For mids I am considering four (two per side in some config) of the following:

    - Peerless 830991 - had this one suggested before to me and have seen some designs using it upto 3khz...
    - SB Acoustics SB13PFC-8 - Believe this was an Iron Driver piece, and is available for relatively little outlay...
    - SB Acoustics SB16PFC-8 - Can be had for about $3 more than the 13, so threw it in for consideration - dunno how high I can use it...

    The Peerless is about $10 more than the SB13, so it's not an issue. Also considering a high efficiency single driver, but pickings are slim in Canada, and haven't found anything that is as well spoken of as the above mentioned drivers. I am open to ideas/thoughts.

    Bass Drivers I've considered so far are limited due to prices/selection but these few seem to stand out:

    - Peerless 830669 - it has a good set of specs for its price, nobody has anything too bad to say about it...
    - Peerless 830668 - Linkwitz used it, so did the Tarkus, so it can't be bad right? heh. This driver is half the price of the 830669 here and would buy four total (two per side)...
    - Peerless 830869 - rather than the SDS, this is an HDS with cast basket... the cheapest of the 3 here...

    Originally I was considering pro drivers, but they don't play low on a budget from what I've found. The above drivers are much more affordable, and from what I can tell - no slouches.

    Apologies if this is hard to read, I've tried to format it as best as possible to keep it coherent and clear. Looking to see what more experienced individuals think of these plans before i spend a bunch of money. I hope to get a calibrated microphone over the holidays as well, so I will be able to use proper tools if anyone has concerns about that. Thanks.