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  • Downsizing…

    Hi all,

    (And this is not about loosing excess weight…)

    I have realized that it is of my interest for the future to reduce the number of sound systems in my home. Today, we (me and my brave wife) has a total of five ”normal” systems and two smaller ones, connected to the TV and the computer. Of the three ”bigger ” ones (floorstanders with 8”-10” woofers), I have decided to reduce the number by one.

    Now, this is a classic case of ”killing your darling” so this has to be a gentle and respectful process, as a lot of work is invested in them (as you all know, of course…)

    I plan to make ”one out of two” and the two systems can be described as:
    (And most/all info is available in my ”media”-folder under my name)

    System A:
    57L CB, Focal 10K516(J), SS 13M/8640, Dynaudio D260
    NAD 916 6-channel amp
    6-gang pot as vol-control
    Behringer DCX2496 digital XO
    Behringer SRC2496 I/O-unit
    CDplayer, Tuner, Argon streamer

    System B:
    25L CB/VB, Dayton RS225-8, SS 13M/8640, Dynaudio D260
    NAD 916 6-channel amp
    Analog active 6-channel XO (LR4, 600, 3000 Hz)
    NAD 116 Preamp
    CDplayer, Tuner, Argon streamer

    Now, what do you think?

    Should I keep the bigger speakers with the 10” woofers and amp them via the analog active XO?
    Or should I keep the Behringer units and their flexibility? (Remembet, I bought the 2496´s but built the active XO!!)

    And what is the right thing to do with the ”surplus” units? Givet hem to a friend who likes music but is short on financial funds? Or sell it in parts on Swedish Ebay?

    Best regards//lasse
    Perry Mason talking to his dentist:

    "Do you swear to take the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth, so help you God?"

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    I've given away lots of stuff, and sold lots at giveaway prices, I recommend it.


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      It's like a diet. You know you have big pants. Lose the weight then you can eat again ;-)