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Subwoofer box thickness

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  • Subwoofer box thickness

    Im building my first subwoofer box for a 12' driver, which im going to use in my home theater. I was thinking about building it with with 1' mdf and 1' of padding, is this enough or is it too thin?
    thank's in advance

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    Sorry I missed the section


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      I'd say yes provided include some x type braces tying the panels together. There are a lot of subwoofer builds on youtube and pictures on google to give you some ideas.
      John H

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        Double baffle, 3/4" walls with braces is plenty stiff.

        i have a box for a 12 i built at just under 2 cubic feet, and it's a pain to lift. Way over kill. But dang its awesome. I paid 25 dollars for a pair of subs nearly new (old but never used) and some of the best subs i have ever had in my house. Well built box made the difference. Made for music, no movies. Tried them in my car and were really deep and clean with only 150 watts.

        Sealed. Stuffed with mineral wool.


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          I Just built some Johnny subs (4) with an 18" drivers. I used .75" MDF. They are super heavy. It really isn't necessary to use anything thicker. Just put some bracing from side to side and maybe some gussets near the driver where a brace can't go through the driver and you should be good to go. You can take lightly on the box with a small hammer, which will tell you if any of the panels are vibrating to much -- it will give a really loud hollow ring. Really shouldn't need too much with a 12" incher due to the smaller panel size.


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            Thank's for the answers and the tips guys!