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    A while ago Rythmn Audio Design reached out to me with the opportunity to design an MTM using the Rival kevlar R176KB-08 woofers and a tweeter of my choice. I chose the excellent SB Acoustics SB26STAC tweeter as I have used it and am a real fan of what it has to offer.

    2018 was a very hard year for my family with many tragedies, but many blessings as well. My wifes grandfather passed away and we purchased his home. This was a major move for us but gave me a wonderful opportunity for a new shop. Any one who saw my old shop knows what working in it was like.

    Anyway, here are a few pics. More tonight. They will be ready by InDIYana sans finish. Plans call for a Corian baffle and rear slot port. Detailed drawings can be found on RADs site under news.

    A big thanks to RAD and specifically Leon for the patience and opportunity. I have already been much impressed with what they have to offer and their support.

    There are 2 window type braces. One by the tweeter and the other just below the lower woofer. The upper section will have loose fill added.

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    That looks like a REALLY cool project. Can't wait to see the Corian baffles! Keep the pics comings
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      Looking forward to seeing all the details on these Chuck, glad to see another project from you! I also like that tweeter!


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        Looking forward to seeing and hearing these at InDIYana, Having been in your previous shop I know how limited it was and it's good you have something much better now, even though it was due to the sad loss of your wife's grandfather.


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          Looking forward to these at InDIYana. I saw Paul's write up on the TL design which includes a picture of a finished speaker. Now that's what I call a full sized MTM!
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            Thank you for the encouragement friends. If I have time to get into the shop tomorrow, the basic enclosure will be finished. Then the baffle and routing.

            There are many projects going thru the shop right now (speakers, repair jobs, furniture, etc) Its a busy time but I am happy for it


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              A few more pics. Tomorrow I will install the Corian baffles and route the drivers. Initial testing hopefully on Sun. And some background of the new shop


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                I'm envious. A man who can clamp both enclosures at the same time. Clamp envy 😂😂


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                  You can do it with half the clamps, just make sure they are able to clamp twice the width and stack the cabs.
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                    More progress today. Originally the Corian was to run the full height of the baffles. Unfortunately a large chunk was taken out of the edge of one of them. So on to plan B!


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                      Well driver cutouts are finished. This Corian is something else. The chips go everywhere even with dust collection. I have decided to add countersunk bolts as extra security. Just not sure I completely trust the adhesive on the edges.


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                        Progress has been well, slow. The last few months have been rough to say the least. Four funerals, readying our home for sale, and actually selling it, etc, etc, etc.

                        But that is all behind and we look forward to the next step in life. Getting back to building is one of those steps. These are just a couple of quick measurements as i check the sim. I will share the Xover once finalized. For now it is 3rd order electrical on both sides with a single resistor. Unusual for me, but I am targeting these more as setting with no or little toe in.

                        This is on the tweeter axis and at 45°. Xover point is about 2.1k


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                          Those are some very nice looking graphs. I notice that the phase doesn't change drastically off axis. Hopefully you are still on track for InDIYana, I hope to hear them.


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                            We will be there Billet. All day Fri and Sat


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                              Awesome, I'll get to see these.

                              Originally posted by isaeagle4031 View Post
                              ...For now it is 3rd order electrical on both sides with a single resistor...
                              That translates to 7 parts right? Non-theme?
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