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    Tone Board gets rave reviews from many.


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      Loving my MagicDac Plus,,,might be a bit over priced, but no complaints.
      The only DAC I could find that would read TV out (TV set to PCM)
      Of course stereo, but that a bonus for stereo only folks.


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        At the office I use a drgaonfly, at home I'm currently using a Topping D10 with a O2 headphone amp.
        Additionally 2 raspberry PI using HiFiBerry DACs.
        The AVR (Onkyo NR-708) while convenient and good sounding is constantly needing a complete power cycle (unplugging it from mains) as it gets to a point where it only plays 1 song and stops.
        My Statement monitors
        My Piccolatas
        My LM3886 amp


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          streaming dac's kill two birds with one stone....seriously looking at the teac nt 505....right now have an elac discovery streamer/player which has a dual cirrus logic setup that sounds pretty sweet but other than usb in it has no other inputs so can't really be used as a standalone dac.


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            Originally posted by Dave Bullet View Post
            I'm using a raspberry PI with USB attached SSD for FLAC music.

            The PI has a HAT DAC - IQAudio Pro which supports balanced and unbalanced outputs (currently using unbalanced).

            It's running Archphile - a headless /lightweight Archlinux distro with MPD (music player daemon).

            I'm running it with alsaequal - 15 band equaliser which runs flat most of the time - except for a couple of brutal recordings - where I can "learn" the setting and the player will load the correct EQ on track changes.

            Everyone in the house can change volume / queue tracks and manage the same playlists / play order via our phones.
            I would LOVE to be able to do all of that. But about 90% of your post was Portuguese to me. LOL I do know what a Raspberry Pi is. Sort of. I've been reading up on them. But I dont grasp it mainly because I dont know what most of the things that it is used with/for are.


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              Originally posted by Nismoron View Post

              I would LOVE to be able to do all of that. But about 90% of your post was Portuguese to me. LOL I do know what a Raspberry Pi is. Sort of. I've been reading up on them. But I dont grasp it mainly because I dont know what most of the things that it is used with/for are.
              It wasn't that hard to setup. Parts costs were (I'm estimating USD values here - all approximate and do not include shipping if required)
              1. Raspberry Pi - $30

              2. IQAudio DAC pro - $55

              3. IQ Audio DAC and Pi case - including balanced XLR outputs if they are your thing - $20.

              4. SSD to store / stream music. You don't need this if you already have a NAS / storage device. I went SSD as I can power it off the Pi. A 240Gb drive (good for lots of FLAC albums) is ~ $70

              5. (Optional) - off board Wifi dongle for extra coverage. I probably didn't need this as the onboard was close enough to my router $15

              6. Software - all free. Archphile Linux and extra libraries to do dynamic EQ selection and bash scripts. I have the instructions documented to follow. Can share if you're interested. Android / phone / laptop software. This is so you can play music etc... Web browser supported by default, but there are various free mobile device clients. I use MPDroid on my Android phone.

              Attached is a photo of mine (when I was testing with a USB stick for music). I'm using another case and just running unbalanced RCAs - sounds great as it is.

              So - if you already have a drive for your music - total cost would be $105.

              Some people would say - why not just buy a DAC? With the above I have the flexibility to program and do what I want. Auto EQ selection being one such feature.


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                Oh, thanks for asking. Happy to tell you I just jumped into the DAC realm several weeks ago when I upgraded my pc from XP to W7 and my M-audio desktop soundcard went incompatible. After considering another soundcard for a minute I thought to go external DAC, figured on a Schiit Modi 3 and then stumbled on the Topping DX3 Pro and have loved it ever since. It checked in seemlessly with W7 without need for a driver, preamp and DAC mode, with multiple digital inputs including USB, bluetooth, headphone jack, cheesy plastic but perfectly functioning remote and it works flawlessly. But the best part is the sound.

                I've tested it on 6 pair of speakers with quality ranging up to the Continuums and it is detailed without being clinical ...the music is just so clear and delicious. My son, girlfriend and I all sat toggling back and forth between sets of speakers and comparing the Emotiva BTM-1/PT-100 combo and the BTR-1 and all agreed the Topping was the winner for detail and musicality. I will say the PT-100/BTM-1 combo was very close but the usability, portability and sound is the perfect combination for all of my needs ... all in a simple good looking package.

                Certainly one to consider. Reviewed very well at audioscience and it can be had in the $175 range from massdrop. My ONLY quibble is that it doesn't have a single analog input, otherwise I'd just add an amp and go digital without looking back.


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                  That DX3 Pro does look great.
                  My Statement monitors
                  My Piccolatas
                  My LM3886 amp


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                    This post is not SPAM, as I have no financial interest in any of it, and no connection to any sellers.

                    The links below are to independent reviews of the items, are not links to sellers.


                    I saw an interesting review of the new "E1DA 9038S" portable USB DAC and headphone amplifier, balanced-differential output (on 2.5 mm, 4 conductor jack).

                    Form factor is similar to Dragonfly, similar to USB thumb drive, but measured performance eclipses the Dragonfly, and price is lower.

                    It seems to be a killer of giants for $70.



                    Monoprice Monolith THX 887 headphone amplifier with balanced-differential output, balanced-differential and single ended inputs, and single ended pass-throughs.

                    Measurements outperformed the Massdrop THX AAA 789, which is also a very good amplifier.

                    Near SOTA for $400.

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                      Aune T1 with a NOS RCA tube.


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                        I had a Chord Mojo which was quite nice but failed. I think it was good enough that I will try and get it repaired. I used the DAC in my yamaha 301 which not as good but not offputting, and then picked up a motu 828mkii for $130 which, in spite of having a reputation from reviewers of having inadequate converters, was actually on par for enjoyment level with the Chord. The MOTU delivers the best bass and drive I've experienced so far. Of course its also a full blown audio interface with mic and instrument inputs as a bonus. I used to have a chinese dac which was inferior to any of these.


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                          I've become a big fan of Raspberry Pi based DACs. You can build a great network media player/streamer for just over $100. There are several great music player operating systems to choose from and some are very easy to install and configure. I'm currently using Volumio for its ease of setup/use, user interface, and plugins. I started my collection with a Pi 1 and a HiFiBerry DAC and have had several PiFi DACs for cheap implementations. More recently I acquired the Allo Boss and just finished up a full streaming monoblock amplifier using a Pi 4, IQaudIO Pi-DAC Pro (balanced out), and dual 125ASX2 BTL modules. The browser based Volumio UI that is accessible from PC to smartphone is hard to beat.
                          Click image for larger version

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