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Confused if I should build a short Tower or Bookshelf Speaker

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  • Confused if I should build a short Tower or Bookshelf Speaker

    Ello Friends, this is my first post on here so if you need more info let me know. But this is what’s going on: I’ve had my vizio soundbar for awhile, while it has kept up to time and the imaging and sound is still better than a new bose 300 soundsbar. I want better sound, the only way to do this, go from a soundbar to speakers. However, I’m unsure if I want to build a bookshelf speaker or a short tower speaker. I spend a lot of my time listening laying down on my bed so if I did go bookshelf, my tweeter would have to be below the woofer. Allow me to provide some dimensions:
    my Room(L:W:H): 124.5 Inches, my current setup is on wall 1 which is 77 inches/wall #2 is 109.5 inches,103 Inches
    my Speaker stand (L:W:H): 48.750 inches, 15.875 inches, 17.250 inches tall(height of speaker/tv stand is on par with the height of my bed where I lay down and usually listen to audio)
    my T.V(Length:Height): 51.125 Inches, 30.125 Inches. ( it is wall mounted)
    my bed is your standard double

    I provide my room incase it helps with choosing if I should move my stuff around and utilize the bigger wall for tower speakers, or if I can use bookshelf on my Tv/Speaker stand.

    My Goal out of this build is to build a 2.1 or 3.1 channel speaker system in my room. It’s music first priority which is difficult because amps don’t usually carry a sub output so if I need a receiver ver I might need your guys’s help.

    Whilst I have taken a look on parts express at the Br-1 component set, which seems like a perfect fit (I don’t have experience with saughtering but my friend does, and I have good enough skill in wood working). I feel like there are better drivers on the website that I’m unable to discover because I don’t know how to design a crossover or create a cabinet to compensate the speaker with enough air.