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15 inch 3 way

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  • 15 inch 3 way

    Some of the posts I see here are guys/gals wanting a classic styled big beast of a speaker. MTG90 is working on one that will be using PE sourced parts, and it will come in around 200/ per. I thought some may want to follow his progress. I'm assuming that since this is a project that you would buy the parts here, that it is kosher to link to. Glenn.

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    Looks verrrry interesting. I will be following this.


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      Another option to remove that peak in the bass from the high Q driver is a large capacitor - Click on "Capacitor Tuning" here - LINK


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        I wonder where his is gong to cross the 15" woofer? 300 Hz? The GRS won't go that low. It will have a resonance peak around 490 Hz. You have to cross well above that and add notch filter. I'd look at the sealed 5" Goldwoods' graphs to get an idea of the peak.
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          I mean I love garbage and everything, but...

          Truth is they'll probably be better sounding than some of the Cerwin Vega stuff I have and of course anything I've built.


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            I may be tempted to build the things just to see how good such cheap drivers can sound , when designed by a knowledgeable and talented guy such as Matt. If I didn't love them, they're so cheap that I would make one of my friends happy with a free set of workshop/mancave blasters. Glenn.