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2019 Swope HT Drivers and Crossovers?

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    Necro-thread update. The center channel is built, and is in use in place of the center channel of a Pioneer SP-PK52FS Andrew Jones 5.1 system. Vocal presence is much improved, but life, a move, and then some illness that seems very popular got in the way of updates. I got gear for measurements for Christmas, and need to set it up to check on the results of the driver replacements. Depending on the outcome of that, I might build some matching TMWW towers for left and right mains.

    Oh, and mounting the replacement drivers was a pain. I made more then one baffle along the way.


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      Thought it was the Swopes but apparently not. What is the name of the slim hivi tower, that IIRC, has about 4 hivi woofers per side?
      The metal hivi drivers look awesome.
      I always wait on drivers to be in hand before cutting and still manage to mess something up.
      ... and where are the pics???


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        Hey, it took quite a lot of searching to finally find this thread; I was almost about to start a new thread asking about suitable replacement HiVi M5A and M6A drivers for the Swope HT kit, given I’d found links to kits which were showing as out-of-stock.


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          I just posted a Swope center and MTM kit in the classifieds if anyone is interested.