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    I have a Behringer Ultrabass BX3000t bass guitar amp. I am looking to build a bass cabinet with 2-12" bass speakers. The amp puts out 300 watts at 4 ohms. Any suggestions on speaker set up and cab size? Thoughts, comments, concerns???

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    Model some woofers like any other setup. My goal was to get to 40Hz for the fundamental of the low E string. I hit it with a single Eminence 15" in a big ported cab.

    Since then, I've learned you can do pretty damn good without going to 40Hz, but get as low as possible. The other things you need to consider: weight, go for a neo woofer. Cost, the Dayton PA series are great for the cost.
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      Something like these would probably work pretty well:

      Eminence Legend BP122 12" Bass Guitar Speaker 250W 8 Ohm

      Eminence has some fairly detailed suggested cabinet designs for many of their products also.