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  • Vituix problems

    Sorry if this is already answered here but I can’t find it so I’ll ask away, I’m having trouble loading FRDzma files into vituix all the videos online show the files loading automatically but mine just won’t display a frequency graph. I came across a YouTube video that shoewed a fix by deleting some extraneous lines of text from the beginning and end of the files using notepad and then re importing but I still get nothing?

    sny help would be greatefully appreciated


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    Upload one of your .frd files so we can take a look.


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      I’m just using the Dayton files off parts express but I’ll get my son to upload the file from his laptop


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        here is one
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          Even though that one loads for me, you could try removing the "@" character from the name (or change to "at"), and you can remove the very 1st line in the file (which is blank). I don't see any obvious trouble w/it though.

          In my notes (for this 4ohm driver), it SEEMs like its SPL (.frd) curve is about -3dB too low, almost like it was taken @ 1w, rather than @ 2.83v.
          A few yrs. ago Dayton and/or PE was spec'ing some 4ohm drivers at 1w, rather than at 2.83v (which is 2w into 4 ohms). For XO work, all sensitivities should be at 2.83v. (Anyone else ever bumped into this, here?). I don't use Omnimic, so I don't really know if that COULD have happened by mistake, back a few yrs. ago? ?


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            You need to insert a crossover (or just a wire) in the crossover portion of the program for the responses to show up now.


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              The older VituixCAD V1 behaved a bit different and responses would show up as you imported them. In Version 2 with free crossover schematic drawing option you will need to connect your driver(s) to the generator as civit indicates.


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                Thanks for the help, I’ll try it next time I’m with my son, is it the same for the tweeter section as well or do you just need the basic amp driver to bring the tweeter and woofer graphs in to vituix


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                  Finally caught up with my son today and we tried the suggestions put forward here and it’s finally showing graphs, thanks for the help here I guess now I’ll see if I can make something that’s workable, so the questions may really start coming thick and fast.
                  once again thanks for the input here


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                    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but which Z-axis direction (positive or negative) is inward-(into the box) and which is outward-(protruding from the cabinet)?

                    The Driver Layout section in question is labled "Right View". Default is 0, with the option to move positive or negative, but there's no other indicator for which direction is "forward". Does "Right View" mean you're looking at the right side of the cabinet, or does it mean you're looking at the left side of the cabinet while the speaker/baffle is facing toward the right, or does it mean something else?

                    In the example below, there's a sideways speaker (expertly star).
                    Which of my painted addons is correct for a typical front-facing driver; the left example or the far right example?
                    Click image for larger version  Name:	VituixCAD question.png Views:	0 Size:	69.6 KB ID:	1475018

                    EDIT: digging through a thread it sounds like -z is forward/away-from-cabinet and +z is backward/acoustic-center-deeper-inside-cabinet.

                    AKA, the right-most pair of red images is correct for a driver facing forward on the baffle.
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                      The answer is clearly detailed in the measurement guides :
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20210823_175812.png Views:	0 Size:	58.2 KB ID:	1475152

                      BTW, official VituixCAD support is in this thread at HTGuide:
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                        Does anyone know why the diffraction simulation results might change drastically between VituixCAD versions/updates?

                        To be a little more clear, the frequency and phase results appear the same or very similar on-axis, BUT the phase changes drastically off-axis for one version/update compared to the other version.
                        This is after double checking that all the settings are the same and while using the same FRD file for the starting reference.

                        They can't both be right, so is there a way to tell which version is glitched and which one is giving proper results?

                        EDIT: It looks like newer version might be moving the phase in the opposite direction compared to the old when writing the Driver Layout information, flipping the drivers' vertical orientation (switching the +/- like the speaker is floating upside-down with ear-height at the same driver) seems to work-around.
                        I'm not sure if this is a problem for the very newest version, but I updated pretty recently so this might be the newest version with the glitch when creating diffraction sims.
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                          The phase on the diffraction simulation is simply the minimum phase result of the response. When you load in the half space frequency response to the diffraction simulation, the phase of the measurement loaded is adjusted by the diffraction response min phase.

                          I don't see anything wrong with what the current version is doing. You didn't mention any version numbers, and there doesn't appear to be the ability to downgrade VituixCAD to see what older versions did anyway. In any case, the version changes are here, and if you want support from Kimmo you may want to post over at HTGuide in the thread I linked to above.
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                            Editing a comment
                            I was wrong, the version I'm having trouble with isn't the newest version; it's and it does prompt for an update. I'll probably try the newest version eventually (though for now I'm just creating diffraction sims using the older version's diffraction sim which seems to work fine within both old and new versions).