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  • Looking for a project, suggestions wanted

    Its been a couple years since I built anything. I think its time, but trying to wrap my head around options that will be keepers. I dont have the talent, nor time to dive into crossover development, I would like to stick with existing designs.

    This build will replace Statement II's. I am looking for something that is a step or two above the Statement II's, slightly smaller would be nice, more excitement in the high end is necessary, perhaps higher sensitivity? A bit more detail below.

    With the Statement II's I love the openness, the clarity, nuance, soundstage, and their ability to get loud. My only real complaint is they lack a certain energy in the mid and high end. A couple examples; Snare drums dont cut through the room; And a drum track at the front of the recording on my other speakers isnt necessarily at the front when playing on the statements. I have a hard time describing it, but I think it might be the ribbon tweeter isn't exactly my preference? In contrast I have had Paradigm monitor 7's in the same room that have that mid/high energy, but they also have a whole lot more shortcomings. This contrast in high end energy isnt something that has been obvious to me with in room measurements. I think it can be hard describing sound but perhaps I am looking for something less smooth.

    I have also built Bagby's quarks, I am overly impressed with them, they were cheap and very easy to build. I use them everyday as desktop speakers. Part of me being happy with these is the presentation is spot on and my expectations for the cost/time involved kept everything in check. But I enjoy them to the point that I would seriously consider a nicer Bagby design.

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    Travelers, Philharmonic Audio BMR, kits available elsewhere.


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      What price range?
      Jeff seems to design a more expensive speaker each year!
      Kairos with woofer unit, Testarossa, and Spirit Winds are available as kits. I think he may have two newer ones than these, but I forget.


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        Ive thought about the kairos on and off, I nearly built that when I did the statements, so that might be something.
        For price, not a hard limit but lets say less than $1,500 for the components.

        Honest question, could my complaint of lacking energy in the mids/highs above be related to the ribbon tweeter or is it more likely the implementation? It would be easy to rule out ribbon designs and also easy to miss out on some good designs because of a misconception...


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          What are you powering your Statement ll’s with?
          What’s your source?

          Just curious. Have Fun! Mark


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            The last guy complaining about a kit design moved his speakers around and fixed the problem. Done any room treatments? Moved the speakers around? Use any room correction software? How far from the wall are your Statements? IIRC, you can adjust the foam fill in the mid tunnels to your preference.

            My design suggestions were based on my ASSumption that you have a simple stereo setup, based on your Statements full range performance. And my suggestions use out of the rut midranges. And one has a Raal tweeter.


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              I want to clear up, the statements are great speakers, my complaint is far less a complaint but rather what I want to change with the next pair. I've had them for about 3 years, and want to try something new. Looking for something with a little different character.

              I've played with placement, mid tunnel stuffing, sidewalls evolved from bare walls to broadband absorbers and now binary diffuser panels. The back wall has a skyline diffuser. All of that has been well worth my time, couldn't be happier with the room treatments. My comparison point with the paradigms was after the treatments.

              I have not tried and DSP, might be worth the effort, but I also want to build something new.


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                More speakers are always a good idea.


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                  Definitely different. I have LXminis. Only the LXminis are smaller, but they need sub(s).

                  Sunflower [Redux] - undefinition

                  LX521 Description


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                    Rivalries by Javad
                    Taured by Chuck Morris
                    No matter where you go, there you are.


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                      You might have already thought of these. Somewhat smaller than Statement II.


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                        Originally posted by gowa View Post
                        Rivalries by Javad
                        Taured by Chuck Morris
                        I wouldn't consider the Rivalires a step up from the Statement II. The Enthraals on the other hand...

                        You could also try my Juggernauts. I think the Morel tweeter has a unique quality that gives a lot of great snap to things.