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Crimp Connector for Exciter Install

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  • Crimp Connector for Exciter Install

    This is going to seem like a stupid question, but I'm at a loss. I'm looking to the right crimp connector to attach my speaker wires to my exciter posts. I purchased a DAEX25FHE-4 and am going to test one of them out in the space that I have, and I want to do a fast crimp connection. One, because I'm only hooking it up as a test setup to see how it works and will be removing the wire and using it as project speaker elsewhere if it doesn't work out. And two I don't have a soldering setup.

    I tried brass crimp rings but they were all too small for the wide terminal (at least the ones I found at my local store. The only ones that look like they could work are the female quick disconnects and I would crimp both the wire side and the QD side (although I don't think thats how you are supposed to use them). Surely some of you have used crimp connections to install exciters, right?

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    Measure them and then get the correct size, try an auto parts store if the hardware store doesn't have them. It's a standard faston push connector. You only crimp the wire into the connector. The female connector is designed to slide on and grab without any additional crimping.


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      You could solder on a pigtail that goes to an external connector. Something like an XT60.

      Image result for xt60


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        I bought these because I have mostly banana plug speaker cables. For me, unplug from box speakers, plug into panels. I haven't actually built them yet.

        Lil Piggies Binding Post Banana Jacks to Lead Wire Adapter Set Red and Black Pair