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Micro bluetooth speaker idea (tiny) - Visatron BF37

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  • Serpentus
    I still don't think you HAVE to go electronically, especially since the XO circuit that robs sensitivity also adds power handling and since you have excessive power, it's not actually a negative in this case to go passive.

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  • 3rutu5
    started a topic Micro bluetooth speaker idea (tiny) - Visatron BF37

    Micro bluetooth speaker idea (tiny) - Visatron BF37

    Gents, i have 4 of those 1.5 inch drivers coming my way, hopefully by the end of the week. At work today i thought i would have a play around in CAD and float a few ideas just to get an idea of the size comparison to what i have just finished and was a bit suprised how small it was. So far it is modelled as a rectangle, but i may throw a bit old curve in there somewhere to give it a bit of character....

    This is the first concept, downside is i cant model the membranes due to their site not having any T/S parameters, but considering the size of this unit (0.01 cuft each) there isnt a lot of room. I've been led to beleive that if i'm to use stereo and the membranes to work, that i need the enclosures to be indepenent of each other, so marked up in yellow what my thoughts are, either that or convert the signal to mono was something else i've seen recently.

    I'm looking to power this with a PAM amp i have which is quite small and apparently a 2*15w unit @ 12 or 16vs, so will have to be careful not to blow these things, it also will be looked to be powered off a 18650 battery and use a 5v to 12v the parts, just need to see if the crazy thoughts in my head can be turned from just that to reality. I've been researching Linkwiz transforms and bass boost circuits over the last 12 months and still as confused as ever, taking the advice that the BSC MAY work against me in this case due to the low sensitivity of these drivers and learning other bits and bobs along the way.

    A few of you may recall i've been rabbiting on about making a bose clone or competition to a soundlink mini and realise that bose has the advantage with decades of engineering and digital EQ's and boost etc, but it is something i feel i have to persist with to get it out of my system, also i like the wood working probably more than the speaker components to be honest

    I quite like how small this is and whether or not it needs to be beefed up a bit more will really depend on what timber i can source and its thickness. I'm going to see if there is a 4-6mm option and think 12mm is too thick potentially.

    Option 2 is basically a bigger version, but having a mirrored image on the back (2 drivers, 1 PR membrane), but this would require roughly 0.15 to 0.2 cuft enclosures to get a similar curve to the singular option. not sure what the actual benefit would be have 4 drivers yet and whether or not this would be too big and i would try a micro version again, i really cant say....

    Anyway i would like to hear some opinions from the experienced folks in the forum, just only constraints is i'm pot committed to the 1.5 inch drivers and not looking to go a 2.5 or 3.5inch boombox option.

    also how good are the little surface go with a stylus, i love mine all measurements are metric and in millimeters, i just write in cuft for the north american audience.
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