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Need info for the best box for my sub drivers

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  • Need info for the best box for my sub drivers

    I have a Dayton Audio TS400D-4 15" Titanic Mk 4 Subwoofer 4 Ohm And the Dayton Audio RSS315HO-4 12" Reference HO Subwoofer 4 Ohm For the 15” I’d like to make a sub box just for my HT system, movies only. I want to go as low as possible, not ask about my amps and dsp units. I have all types And for the 12” , is like to make it for my turntable system, so with this one I want a great, flat sound down to 25hz it so Both rooms are some what large, tv room is 16’ by 28’ and is open to a hallway The two channel system room is even larger Both have the vaulted ceiling‘s starts at 8 feet and goes up to 12 feet tall Help me out with some of your guys box designs with these tried and true sub drivers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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    Using the latest provided T/S specs:
    I'd make a 1.9cf box for the 12"HO and use a 4"id x 26" long port tube. (leaves you w/a net of 1.67cf) Fb and F3 near 27Hz. Amp w/NO boost.
    For the 15" Titanic I'd go with 4.5cf (gross) w/a pair of 4" ports, ea. one 30" long. Leaves you w/a net just under 4.0cf. Fb and F3 of 23Hz. No boost.


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      Thanks for your work in these

      I’ll save your numbers and start drawing up some plans. I do have tons of room for one or more boxes. I may try to build the HT boxe with two drivers in one cab and use it as a platform for my HT setup. I have a crazy large center speaker ( Yamaha ) horn loaded speaker, and my tv sits on top of it

      So if I cab, so if I can build one box for two of the 15” drivers and keep the center speaker and tv at a good height, that’s my goal

      And I think I will make the box larger so I can add sand to the inside to help with isolation of the box