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Alternative to Faceplate/Preamp unit for Table Radios...

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  • Kevin K.
    Wow! Hard to believe they can build something with this many features and sell it for a profit at that price. Does look like a really good fit for your needs. Keep us posted Tom, thanks.

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  • djg
    Cool. I've experienced corona virus related shipping delays on items from china, FYI. Assuming it's from China.

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  • tomzarbo
    They also have a smaller one without the video screen, it's similar but has a smaller screen that is the 'green line' type. That one is $20 shipped. They are both single DIN I believe though. You can see the 'cut-out' for the larger screen on this one.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Car Radio Small Screen Aliexpress.JPG
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  • Alternative to Faceplate/Preamp unit for Table Radios...

    There has been some digging done into one of the non-PE faceplate preamp units used for table radios, boomboxes, and that kind of thing. Here is a thread on that:

    And another thread I started regarding the possibility of encouraging PE to design one:

    Mike and Neil came up with a few other options for the 'Rotary Knob' lovers among us in that one. I'd still love to see PE design a high-quality preamp/faceplate board that bests what's available out there in the market. I'm sure they would do it if there was a market for it, but since me and a few others like me don't actually constitute a 'market' -- I think it's best to look elsewhere. I always try to purchase from PE when possible, but they can't carry everything...

    So here is another option that seems like a decent value that I stumbled upon and ended up ordering...

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Car Radio AliExpress.JPG
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ID:	1432245 Click image for larger version

Name:	Car Radio Remote.JPG
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    It is a car radio I found on Aliexpress, but it's better than most of the other ones I've looked at for a few reasons...

    Probably the most obvious is that it's not gaudy, it doesn't have weird looking buttons or plastic/chrome embelishments. It looks like it was more of a stock car radio which is something that I like and appreciate... understatedness.

    Also, it does have a real remote and a touch-video screen of about 4" diagonal which will play movies and it has a nice FM radio interface as well. Two USB sockets, one for music, the other for charging a phone, plus it's got bluetooth and line-outputs for L and R and even a sub. There isn't much listed as far as it's output capabilities, but even if it's lousy, it can be bypassed. There are options to change the color of the buttons and knob to match the rest of the radio's theme, or it's surroundings I guess. It also has a power antenna turn-on lead which might be able to be connected to a relay that will turn on a seperate amp, that's kind of nice!

    It even has fairly decent reviews. But best of all is that big 'ol volume knob right there next to the screen!

    I know it's not small, but if I rearrange the format of the radio's I've been designing, it would work fine I think.

    I have one coming, and I'll give it the once-over to see how it works and what it's noise issues are. I'm even hopeful that being a car radio that the FM portion actually will pull in a few stations with an added antenna. Could be promising. Oh, and it's $33 shipped! If it's easy enough to dissassemble, I could get into it and see if it could possibly be modified to fit into a more verticle orientation. It even has the 'brushed aluminum' look that I love so much. It looks like some thought was put into making this a pretty decent product... who knows though until I have one in hand.

    So, I'll keep you posted on when I get it, how it performs and so on. I'm cautiously optomistic.