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    Jeff represented the best of us, for sure. Both as a designer and more importantly, as a human being.
    Hopefully we can all be a little more like him.

    Godspeed Jeff.


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      I know him as many here know him--by his work and as attendees at InDIYana. Tho' I spoke with him briefly a couple of times, I doubt that he knows my name, but I will miss him like everyone else. Our prayers for his family.


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        It seems impossible to think of. RIP Jeff you never be forgotten here.


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          wow, what a loss. He helped me with a crossover design for an 8" 2 way in the early madisound days. He indirectly or directly touched a lot of folks. A half dozen of my friends got into DIY at some level after hearing my $100 wonders. He is missed.


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            Jeff was a great guy. Genuine, kind, caring, hard-working. He'll be missed. RIP and prayers for his family.

            Link to Jeff being interviewed about the Continuums



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              A lion of this hobby, no doubt, whose efforts have brought joy to many of us.

              RIP Mr. Bagby.

              Harps are playing somewhere. Or at least a recording of harps through a set of speakers he designed.
              "Based on my library and laboratory research, I have concluded, as have others, that the best measures of speaker quality are frequency response and dispersion pattern. I have not found any credible research showing that most of the differences we hear among loudspeakers cannot be explained by examining these two variables." -Alvin Foster, 22 BAS Speaker 2 (May, 1999)


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                It is pretty amazing how many people someone can touch by being generous. Jeff contributed so much to the hobby with his software, white papers, discussions on the forums, etc. I did not know Jeff but I was at the Grand Rapids event this last fall and ended up standing in the hallway with another person or two and had a long conversation about something speaker might have been speaker offsets but I am not even sure. I know nothing about speaker building but that didn't matter, he leaned in, looked at my name-tag, introduced himself and returned to the conversation and didn't care whether I was Andrew Jones or a know-nothing DIYer.

                I also remember at InDIYana in the spring he was playing some music on his speakers and cranked a for King and Country song (a Christian group) that I like. He made the comment that sometimes you don't need a "test track" but just enjoy some music that you like and wasn't shy to express his Faith. He will be missed.


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                  Originally posted by Wolf View Post

                  I knew Jeff for almost 20 years, he will be sorely missed. I sent Chris a note this afternoon, and I hope the best for them.

                  I was actually present in the Ft. Wayne and Indy visits too. What a blast that was in the audio salon with those B&W 801 and McIntosh gear. One of my fondest memories, as I was the noob with the veterans of the hobby. Shawn was there at the Indy meet.

                  I met Jeff first in text on the old Madisound BBS forum, around 1999 (Rick, you too for that matter), and then in person about a year later or so because he lived just shy of 2 hours away. I'll never forget hearing his 'Davids' (after his son who was 4 at the time) for the first time, and being totally impressed. Jeff modeled the xover for my first 'serious' build, and I still have the notes-package he gave me for that. He took me under his wing a bit when I was first starting out in the hobby, and I am far from the only person he helped along the way. Remarkable, selfless, generous, humble, honest, teaching, and sincere all describe this man I was lucky to call a friend. This is a true loss of a well admired peer and cohort.

                  As an example, he used to tell everyone that he wished he could tell them he taught me everything I know, smile, laugh, etc. He in fact did teach me and others a lot though. Anything I'd bounce his way he'd answer thoroughly.

                  He loved his family, he loved the Lord, he loved his friends, and he loved designing speakers. My kind of guy.

                  Jeff- say hi to Matt for me, okay?
                  See you 2 in a while...
                  I logged in here after hearing the news elsewhere. I also go back with Jeff for more than 20 years. We interacted on the old Madisound message boards many times in the 90's and early 2000's. The old FRD Consortium was established back then and it inspired me to create the Frequency Allocator software as a VST plugin. I'm really saddened to hear of his passing. RIP Jeff. You really left a great legacy in this community.


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                    I don't know how reliable the source is, however, according to some websites Jeff died from complications related to COVID-19




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                      My thoughts and my prayers go out to Jeff's family and I know that Jeff is in a peaceful place where he will reap the benefits of the type of life that he lead on earth. I did not know Jeff as well as many here, but I truly benefited from his contributions. His software programs were a tremendous educational opportunity and helped me to design several sets of speakers. When I was writing the Unofficial Speaker Workshop Manuals, he was always available to provide me with insights and guidance that I could include. He even shared some code with me without hesitation or concern when I was writing some of my own software as I was playing around with different ideas. RIP Jeff, you will always be remembered as one of the heroes of this DIY community.

                      Our greatest glory lies not in never falling, but in rising each time we fall.


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                        I was fortunate to be friends with him through this hobby, and owe so much of what I've done and learned to him. But it's amazing how many lives Jeff has touched. Truly one of the most brilliant, kind-hearted people I'll ever know.
                        Isn't it about time we started answering rhetorical questions?

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                          "We are just statistics, born to consume resources."
                          ~Horace~, 65-8 BC


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                            The world lost a giant in the speaker building community. We will miss you, Jeff Bagby. Parts Express would like to extend our deepest condolences to his family, friends, and all those on this forum who knew and learned from him.


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                              This is horrible. I have never met Jeff but his kindness, expertise, and efforts have touched me and countless others through his loudspeaker design, software design, and willingness to teach, learn, and participate in our community. He lives on through his contributions. An amazing person has been lost. -Trevor


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                                This is Jeff 2 years ago at InDIYana 2018, accepting the Lifetime DIY award that he was presented by Mark Sayer of Meniscus Audio Group.

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_4239.jpg
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                                Craig Salin: "I think you're gonna win an award."
                                Jeff: "Aw man, I hope not."

                                This is another perfect example of how humble Jeff was. He wanted nothing in return for basically turning DIY speaker building on its ear. Between he, Bill Waslo, Paul Verdone, and a few others I'm sure I'm missing, the whole basis for the .frd and .zma file system would never have even been created. ALL OF US use them to design speakers now. Further compound that with Passive Crossover Calculator (modules later added into PCD), PCD, SCD(later added to PCD), WBCD, Diff and Boundary simulator, and Response Modeler; Jeff basically gave us a professional design suite. Further applied with application notes for Omnimic and others, Jeff left a strong mark on it all even if he hadn't ever published, designed, or voiced a kit. Last I knew, the number he had designed was well over a hundred. He designed for Jim Salk (Salk Sound), apparently several other commercial offerings which he never shared publicly, some local music studios, DIYSoundGroup, Meniscus, and many more.

                                Back in ~2000, there was a xover challenge, and the contestants sent their assembled xovers in to the person with one pair of speakers. Jeff won without ever hearing them.

                                He took a single entry to MWAF in 2012 as shown above, his Continuums and the Continuum subwoofer, and won the Unlimited category.

                                He brought the Tributes to InDIYana with the basis of being designed with the goals of Bud Fried, and won the challenge that year. Furthermore, a company commissioned his help in designing a speaker with those goals in mind after they heard of the Tributes' success.

                                He didn't want fame in the hobby, but it tended to follow him around a lot.

                                There is soooo much that could be said, but his designing skills really were top notch.

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