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    Well, he did designs for SB, for Meniscus, PE, DiySG at least, I'm sure there are others.


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      I believe he did one-off DIY designs for SB, showcasing their drivers. I don't think the SB designs he did were ever used in SB's commercial kit or assembled offerings. Of course, I did forget to have PE in my list there. Whoops. The Solstice is very popular.

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        His last 2 designs published I am aware of were the Helios (all SBA Satori) and Helios CM (common mans) version - using SBA standard drivers. A collaboration with Javad Shadzi.


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          If you would like to donate to Jeff’s family in his memory, you can do so here: I never met Jeff, but I appreciated his selfless contributions to our hobby. Today is truly a great loss for our community. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


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            Nothing but tears right now.


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              A true gentleman Rest in Peace


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                To say nothing of his skills, he was a kind man. My interactions with him, even though they were over email, always left me with a warm feeling. I will miss him.


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                  Wow, hearing this news literally feels like a gut punch. I never met Jeff but asked him some questions via messaging and I couldn't believe how quickly and generously he responded to me with my elementary questions when it was clear he was fielding an enormous amount of information to so many on this forum. His kindness, encouragement, generosity and his sharing of takent and knowledge for the benefit of others always struck me as the epitome of what this sort of community is all about. I am so grateful for the music he has helped me to hear through one of his most wonderful designs ... peace to you Jeff ... the world was a better place for you in it. I feel for all of you who were his family and friends.


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                    Originally posted by Wolf View Post
                    This is Jeff 2 years ago at InDIYana 2018, accepting the Lifetime DIY award that he was presented by Mark Sayer of Meniscus Audio Group.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_4239.jpg
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                    Craig Salin: "I think you're gonna win an award."
                    Jeff: "Aw man, I hope not."
                    I remember that like it was just yesterday. When he said that to me I knew he really meant it.


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                      I annoyed him a few months ago when I went on about 4 ohm amps for the Continuum, an 8 ohm speaker.

                      I remember he posted the "Turboencabulator" vid here years ago.



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                        I don't participate much in this forum anymore, but this morning received an email saying that Jeff had passed. Despite the utter tragedy of his passing, I believe that these reminiscences of Jeff -- the countless stories of his kindness and selflessness -- might inspire us all to be a better person. I never met Jeff in person but we corresponded by email quite often about a decade ago. Many of my visits to PETT after his kidney transplant were simply to check to see if he was alright and getting back into the swing of DIY. Obviously an expert designer as well as prolific contributor of free design tools, what struck me most about Jeff was that despite all this, he remained humble, even-tempered and polite even in the middle of aggressive forum exchanges. I know people vary on their metrics for success in life, but in my opinion Jeff had a perfect recipe for success. Really an inspiration.
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                          I too never met this great gentleman except here on the Forum, but I learned a great deal from him, his designs, and from his design tools. This is a great loss for the DIY hobby, but much more to those of us who he helped with our ignorance, was kind and patient when we were dense, and to a World that needs many more kind-hearted people. My prayers go out to his family, and those who knew him personally. I don't believe I ever heard anything but praise and appreciation for him. A rare man indeed.


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                            Jeff pm'ed me years ago and encouraged me to apply for the Design Team. I did and got accepted. I wrote back and wanted to send him a couple of bottles of wine to thank him, which he declined because he didn't drink wine. I learned so much from this forum from so many of you, but Jeff probably taught all of us the art of giving more than anything. RIP sir.
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                              Jeff made the community a better place.

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                                "You make me want to be a better man."

                                I hope Jeff's life will be an example to us all. I do regret that I never got to meet him in person.

                                His free PCD program was a huge part of my progress in speaker design.

                                I treasure our exchanges by email and on the forum. He was the kind of person you could enjoy arguing with.

                                Oh, what am I saying, I feel the same way about all of you guys.
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