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    Originally posted by thekorvers

    Interesting article despite coming from the Washington Compost. If that is where you get your news, I feel for you.
    Thank you for your concern for my news sources. I think this is hardly the time or place for such sentiments. Nor do I think the man we honor here would care to offer up such observations.


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      Originally posted by isaeagle4031 View Post

      No, they didn't. As a precaution, they and Jeff's brother, and Jeff's pastor, entered into a 2 week we quarantine. Fortunately, no one else contracted it
      Thank God!

      I do believe they all need a Superman shirt!

      Stay safe my friends! Mark


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        Jeff's wife is being interviewed today at 6pm est by MSNBC


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          Chuck, If you find a link for later viewing please post it.

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        Rest in peace Jeff. All the best for your family.

        Just watched the msnbc interview with Chris. That was really moving. It's good to see how far reaching Jeff's spirit is.
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          Have been gone a while, wanted to stop in to see what everyone was up to.

          So sorry to hear this. RIP Mr. Bagby, you left the world a better place than you found it.


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            Jeff was always very patient, helpful and polite. I wouldn't have got this far without his software and advice, and I'm sure that's the same for a lot of people.

            RIP Jeff.


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              Rest in Peace Jeff.... some people leave the world a better place and you were one of them.


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                RIP Jeff. He left the world way to soon. It was his programs that got me designing my speakers. Last time I spoke with him was at the 2014 Indiana DIY meeting. He produced several missives which were insightfull with respect to acoustics. What a loss to the DIY and acoustic community. Again Jeff, RIP.

                PS - I am the original moosespeaker but could not get on this site as my email changed and long ago forgot my 2008 password when I joined here. .


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                  Good to see you, George!
                  Wish the circumstances were better,
                  "Wolf, you shall now be known as "King of the Zip ties." -Pete00t
                  "Wolf and speakers equivalent to Picasso and 'Blue'" -dantheman
                  "He is a true ambassador for this forum and speaker DIY in general." -Ed Froste
                  "We're all in this together, so keep your stick on the ice!" - Red Green aka Steve Smith

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                    I just received an email today about Jeff....

                    My heart is so saddened. So shocked! we never met in person, but as brothers in the Lord there is a bond that’s just indescribable.

                    Thanks, Jeff for all your contributions in the Audio world and the Spiritual world as we were all blessed to have known you. And, to his lovely wife Chris and son, The Lord bless and keep you and give you peace during this time. The Lord is with you.



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                      great. a bot with a nonsense link. No respect.


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                        Originally posted by davidB View Post
                        great. a bot with a nonsense link. No respect.
                        Criminals these days just don't have class.


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                          Perhaps this will move PE to screen these bots.


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                            Rest in Peace. Champ
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