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Quarentine Lockdown Open Baffle build

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  • Quarentine Lockdown Open Baffle build

    Just for fun I decided to build with only what I had at home. No going out for ANYTHING. Not even fasteners or wood (you'll see how strict I was about it below).

    The baffles are 48" x 13" glossy white panels from the Ikea bargain bin a few years ago ($2.50 a pop - I couldn't resist buying 10 - these are the last 2). The woofers are some Eminence 12" prototypes I swapped for >10 years ago. The TS parameters are hand written on an Eminence label on the magnet. The upper drivers are some unknown pro-sound 12" coaxials. They look like B&C from the basket, but who knows. Also acquired via swap several years ago. Crossover is active via MiniDSP 4x10 and amplification is a Savant 8125 (8 x 125W/ch of class D). Blocking caps for the tweeters are a bunch of 10µF poly caps I bought a bag of some years ago. Here is the last 6. I had no binding posts, so I used audiophile approved wire nuts (don't laugh, they work just fine).

    The woofers go 50-300Hz @-48db/oct, mids to 1.4kHz @-24db/oct, and tweeters also at -24db/oct. There are 3 subs sprinkled around the room for <50Hz duty. Plenty of PEQ is used. Some of which is due to the drivers and open baffle operation. Some is due to the room. Either way, it's EQed to about ±2db from 30Hz to 19kHz before my preferred house curve (which tilts down at 1db/octave from 30Hz to 9kHz then flat).

    They sound pretty nice. Lots of slam from the big mids. No bloat from the OB bass. They can play much louder than I can tolerate. Brass/horns sound very nice, but I've heard better cymbals. Also imaging is not fantastic, but the room and OB aren't helping here. They're fun, so I'll keep them for a while. I have more drivers around, so I'll probably knock something else out this summer.

    In storage I have a pair of:
    - JBL 2217
    - Dayton PS220
    - Celestion 5" mids (whose model # I can't recall)
    - Dayton PT2 planar tweets
    - B52 PHRN-1014 waveguides
    - Several misc tweeters of unknown provenence

    So maybe a JBL L100 revisit with the 2217s, Celestion mids, and whatever tweeter works out (the Celestions are pretty flat out to 6kHz, so a 2.5 to 3kHz XO to the tweeter makes life easy for the tweeter). Or maybe I'll bend my rule and get some CDs for the B52 waveguides. Who knows...

    Click image for larger version

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    We need more pics!


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      What do you want pics of?


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        A good side profile and the backs. Please.

        Later, Mark


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          Oh hell yeah!
          Isn't it about time we started answering rhetorical questions?

          Paul Carmody's DIY Audio Projects
          Twitter: @undefinition1


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            Here's the side view. For scale, it's 8" deep.

            Click image for larger version

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              And here's the rear view. Take note of the special, extra high quality blocking capacitor wiring and audiophile grade wire nuts. Nothing but the best for me!!

              Click image for larger version

Name:	OB5.JPG
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                Sweet! Love the “Audiophile” wire nuts! You know, if you Cryo those things you may be able to get big bucks for em!

                Thanks, Mark


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                  You did a pretty decent job there. You had everything you needed to build this, right under your roof?

                  How does it sound anyway?


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                    Thanks for the kind words all. And yes, Mark, I dipped the wire nuts in liquid Nitrogen before use ;-)

                    Ricky - I had everything I needed and more at home. I don't know if I should be proud or embarrassed about that. I have a shed, so I don't feel bad about buying some screaming bargain and just letting it sit there until I need it (like the dozen 1" x 2" x 8' Azek boards I picked up for $10 a few years ago that just became a trellis for the beans I planted this spring). Particualrly if it's building materials. The driver hoarding is probably a bit unhealthy. In the original post I listed a few drivers that I will probably get to use this summer. I have many more in my garage and will probably post some of them as a "free, just pay shipping" deal. There are a lot of drivers I know that I'll never use. And please don't ask my wife about the turntable collection (it's a bit of a sore point)...

                    The OBs sound pretty good given enough EQ. I'm beginning to think that given enough Sd, Xmax, and EQ you can make almost anything sound pretty good (you can't get loud without distortion without enough Sd and Xmax - or some combination of the two). I'm kind of eager to put the JBL 2217s to work, so I'll probably use my last leftover sheet of Oak ply to build a cabinet for them (plus mid/tweet/horn/whatever) this summer, but that will have to wait for the garden to be completed (and my glacially slow woodworking). So these OBs will remain in use for a few months.

                    One thing I will say is that if you have a small-ish room like I have here, pro-sound coax might really be the way to go. When I moved my bigger horn system (JBL 2226 + top end of an EAW CB259) into this room I could never get it to sound right. I think I was just too close to the big drivers for decent integration. Not a problem for even the biggest coax driver though. I'm hoping that a small horn system will fare better in that room, but we'll see.