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Tech help needed for the Dayton DSP-LF subwoofer tuning box

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  • Tech help needed for the Dayton DSP-LF subwoofer tuning box

    I recently bought two of these, one for each of my subwoofers. I ran the room Wizard on the iWoofer Pro control program, and everything worked fine. I made a few tweaks to the curve with some DSP filtering and changed the crossover slopes - no problem.

    But then I moved the subs to different locations and tried to run the Wizard again. Everything worked up to the point where the program was supposed to save the new curves. At that point, the previously-saved curves seemed to occupy all the device's memory and the newest curve didn't show up at all - therefore I couldn't save it!

    I tried a number of things to delete existing curves including selecting them from the woofer software and telling the program to delete them. Although this deleted the curves' names from the list, it didn't delete the actual curves.

    I tried using the reset button on the DSP-LF box to hopefully clear all previous curves - nope - they're still there.

    I tried shutting off the power to the DSP-LF boxes and then using the reset button - nope - they're still there.

    So until I can delete existing data from the DSP-LF boxes, I can't save new curves. How do I delete those previous (and now useless) curves from the DSP-LF boxes' memory?

    Thanks - Boomzilla

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    Try going into the options menu of iWoofer and Restore Factory settings. After the factory reset, in the same options menu, open the HW Controllers tab and make sure that everything in that menu is disabled.

    Parts Express Engineer