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  • Paul Carmody - Carrera build

    So a couple of questions about the design before taking the plunge. I'm having to build this with a narrower baffle width than the design. From 8" in Pauls schematic down to just over 7". From what I've read depending on how Paul has implemented BSC in his design this may create a slight dip in the response that may be noticeable. Would anyone care to guess at what it may do to the sound signature?

    Would anyone be able to lend a hand at suggesting some crossover tweaks for my particular application? I'm a cabinet builder not an engineer so I'm afraid crossover design is a bit out of my scope - and I'm being pushed by SWMBO to tweak the design to fit our listening space - so these will be small, slim floor standers based on an existing design.


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    I think even Paul says not to worry over < 1".
    You need to keep the driver layout the same from the top down.
    Tweeters should end up at (ear) listening height. If you don't want stands, you can always get your height by adding on false bottom space.


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      Would the placement closer to the wall also be an issue?


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        You can manipulate the shape of the cabinet if you keep the volume, baffle layout and width the same. Within reason, you shouldn't make a 3" deep cab. You can reduce the depth of the cab and add height to maintain volume. You can put a 90 degree bend in the port to fit in a shallower cab. The original layout has a rear port. This suggests the design assumes a placement away from walls. "bookshelf" is a term used often, but most diy designs really aren't meant for a restricted placement such as actually in a bookshelf.

        Whatever you build and wherever you place them will be what you hear. Near wall placement adds bass response. I can tell you the Scan Speak woofer has a lot of bass capability. I built an old Jed Kunz 2 way design using a buyout SS 5 1/4" woofer. Amazing bass.

        Curious, what restrictions require a width reduction? A picture maybe of your proposed placement?

        And of course, in the future you may have a different less restricted listening venue.


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          They sit between furniture and a fireplace. The width is also determined by the aesthetics my other half prefers, which is slim and not filling the spaces completely.


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            You could put them on casters and roll them forward for listening and back for aesthetics.