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  • Help with first time build.

    I just recently caught the bug, so I'm a new member. I would like some input/advice on building a new enclosure for my Dayton 10 inch classic. It's currently in an old 1 cubic ft enclosure that housed a jvc sub and running off of the subwoofer channel from a Logitech z5300 amplifier (100w). However I recently built a tda 8954 class d mono amplifier which should at least double that, hopefully more, and think I need a more sturdy and efficient enclosure for my home theatre. I'm leaning toward a slot port enclosure, but since I've never built on I'm asking for any knowledge or help I can aquire.

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    Two suggestions:
    First, post this in the Tech Talk forum, you'll get more traffic as this part is intended for completed projects.

    Second, look up WinISD and familiarize yourself with how the T/S parameters work and how to model a woofer box. Every woofer has a range of cabinets it will work well in, and you can play with a box model to determine what you want.

    Welcome to the forum!
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        If you mean the Dayton Audio DC250-8 10" Classic Woofer ... you have a bit of a mismatch.

        First, your woofer is 8 ohms. The Logitech system was likely powering a 4 ohm subwoofer so you're really only getting half the rated power into the 8 ohm Dayton.

        Second, look at the PE page for the woofer. It gives recommended box sizes with the associated F3 frequency (e.g., a low end frequency rating). For a sealed box, the F3 is 55 Hz, hardly HT sub performance. A ported box delivers an F3 of 29 Hz. However you need a very large ported box ~4.5 ft3.

        Lastly, the Dayton's linear excursion (Xmax) is only 4.5 mm. Hardly HT sub capable. It will likely bottom out well short of max volumes.

        If your planning a small room HT, you can likely find an 8 ohm subwoofer for the original Logitech box. If you really want to go big, look for an entirely new subwoofer/box combo.