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    We are finally finishing the space we have for a home theater and I've always wanted to build my own speakers so now is the chance. I think I've decided that I want to build the Swopes. I've done a lot of clicking and reading, trying to gather as much information that can but I still have some questions. Let me start with some givens - we just bought a LARGE screen TV and it is all mounted a bit higher than I would prefer, but the CEO has mandated there must be a cabinet below it. The CEO has also stated that there will be no towers or speaker stands, all speakers must be wall mounted. The space is about 16x16 with 9' ceilings, the "back" of the room opens up to the rest of the basement. Think of the basement as a T and the theater is one arm of it.

    I'm good with the Swope CC and the TMs for surround duty (I will also be adding a sub). My problem is the L/R speakers. Yes I could use the MTMs as designed but will they really be "enough"? I've also seen the 3-way TMWW towers but don't really want to put those on the wall. I've found a few threads that suggest re-configuring the CC cabinet for vertical use and am curious about opinions on my ideas.

    1. Should I just use the MTMs? I mean more is better right?

    2. Do I flip the CC vertical with the following - align the TM vertically and keep the spacing of the TM as per the plan in the 3-way tower with the same cavity volume for the TM and use the woofer volume from the CC?

    3. If I do use the CC vertical will it matter if I use the 10" baffle width from the towers or the 10-1/2" baffle width from the CC? The 10-1/2" baffle width will make a "slightly" shallower cabinet for aesthetic purposes to keep the CEO happier. I can also rip more cabinet parts to the same width for three cabinets L/C/R.

    Any help would be appreciated but I am sure will also lead to more questions.

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    Have you looked into purchasing the drivers? The kit supplier has discontinued the kit as the woofers and midrange are NLA. There are new models of each, maybe your research says they're OK to use.

    The kit supplier might be able to suggest an available design that would work on or near wall.

    Here's a series of designs from a noted designer, not too expensive. In particular, he recommends three of his center channels for near wall L/C/R use.

    I'd worry more about your on or near wall placement in finding a suitable design.

    As far as "enough", head over to AVSforum. You'll find out what "enough" is, and it isn't some puny MTM or WMTW design.

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      I have looked at those but I’m not sure if an MTM will really “fill” the space - which is why I’m looking at the Swopes (WTMW). This is my first foray into something other than a sound bar. According some posts I saw by Paul Carmody the replacements for the original drivers should work without modifications to the crossovers. (M5N and M6N instead of M5A and M6A). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


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      Paul C. doesn't really speak to placement in his blurb. Maybe your research shows them as suitable for on wall use. If you go into a build thinking the product will be inadequate, it probably will be.