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    I'm adapting Paul Carmody's Sprite speaker into a Fat 50 ammo can. The can is lined with .25 MDF and is divided into two separate speaker chambers of just over 4 liters. If I fit the 5.75 long port tubes from front to rear in the box the opening for the port tube will only be about an inch from the rear or front wall depending on orientation. If I run them from the bottom to the top it gains another 1.5 inches of clearance from the port end. Does it make a big difference how far the port is away from the inner wall of the enclosure?

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    "1 diameter" is the suggested ROT.


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      Originally posted by chris roemer View Post
      "1 diameter" is the suggested rot.


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        I hate to be a bug about this port length but I can't get 1 dia. clearance and remain at the suggested port length. I can add a 90 degree 1 inch pvc elbow on the end of the of the port. The inside is really close if not perfect size to line up with my tube. The addition of the elbow gives me the required port length. My only other choice would be to just cut the port back about 3/4" to give me the required clearance but that would make it shorter then the required length. I'm afraid sound quality might suffer. Am I over thinking this?


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          The elbow will work fine. The shorter port isn't by much, worst case you'll have a little more hump in the response between 80 and 100Hz.
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            Your port length (through the elbow) is the same as if you measured the length of a "wire" running right through the middle, incl. through the middle of any bends.