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LECBOS Replacement?

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  • LECBOS Replacement?

    I built a pair of LECBOS for a friend about 8 years ago and LOVED them. They played loud and went as deep as I needed. These will be for a garage. I loved that the LECOBOS could be built with plywood and still be impressive! Any simple, cost effective designs around like this? Hopefully under $100ea all in?

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    Sadly, Lou is no longer with us so he can't answer your question.

    This isn't an MTM, but you could try a two way with the SDS-160, a very similar size and spec to the 835004 (except it's 8 ohms, not 4):

    and the VIFA BC25TG:

    On paper, this might give a similar sound to the LECBOS, depending how well you design the crossover.

    That would be $80 for drivers; the XO parts, binding posts etc would put you a bit over budget. The advantage of the SDS-160 is that it has about twice the Xmax of the drivers used in the LECBOS. The disadvantage is that it needs a large vented cabinet: sealed, the bass isn't very deep.

    With the help of PETT members, I did a test build with these drivers, using a crossover modified from an old published commercial design. The cabinet was a vented floor stander. I don't have measuring equipment but the bass was quite reasonable. Efficiency was supposedly 87dB - not up to the LECBOS - but there was no way of testing that.

    However, I'm no designer and the crossover wasn't quite right; they lacked 'something', I'll do some more work on it some day, but those drivers could make for a good sounding speaker.

    An MTM with the 5.25" Peerless 830656 and the BC25 might work for you but it would also be a little over budget.

    I haven't heard them of course but there are several projects on PETT which should come in around your budget, such as

    Good luck!

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    I have a complete set of parts for this project that I'd be willing to sell.
    Bought the four woofers years ago and they sat in a box until recently after I retired.
    Then I bought the crossover parts and decided that I really don't have a use for another pair of speakers.
    Would include a pair of BC255C55-04 tweeters, PE264-1024

    Please contact me if interested. -PCin904