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Subwoofer decision agony for serious music-only setup... please help

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    Originally posted by lunchmoney View Post
    Ok, so if I enter 130W for "System input power" I reach the 8.4 Xmax of the DCS205-4 (give or take).

    The bad news is that in order to keep the port velocity under 17m/s I need a port that's 3.75" x 32.20"... sounds like the port isn't making sense.
    You have just demonstrated why a PR is often required for small boxes. You get port mass
    without taking up box volume.
    On the other hand, if you must use a port try 2 to 2.5" which will probably work good enough.
    People here are stating that port chuffing is the issue, however there was a JBL paper that
    showed 3 dB of dynamic compression going from 1W to 100W with a port that was too small.